Monday, July 08, 2013

Godzilla vs. Shelob plus an outing at the park,

The Live Oak trees look like something from The Hobbit, don't you think? Can you imagine when northern Florida was covered with these giants? Spectacular.

I don't know if this is a wolf spider or nursery web spider.

Then this skink comes along - next photo shows the skink going after the spider!

This is blurry because everyone was on the move. We were very surprised that the skink went after the spider. Even more surprised that the spider ran away!

Now a shot of the spider in the evening. The eyes glow with the camera flash. Clearly, the skink didn't have him as a meal. It must join us in the evening when we are sitting on the patio, enjoying sitting and listening to cicadas chirp. If it ever gets on me you'll hear me screaming as far away as the moon. Seriously. :-)

Lots of Live Oak trees...........very hobbit worthy. The hanging moss looks like old beards drifting in the breeze.

Potluck is coming up soon at I Heart Cooking Club plus a few book reviews and Italian meals.



Kim said...

Those live oak trees are gorgeous. I think I would s**t if I saw that skink on my patio. Don't know if I could handle all the wildlife you have down there (especially the snakes- yikes)!

Can't wait for potluck week!

Debra Eliotseats said...

Very cool pics. My in-laws have geckos everywhere and I agree with Kim, they scare me b/c they come out of no where. :)

Le laquet said...

Beautiful trees!! Simply lovely :o)
Not bothered by the skink at all - we get lots of them on the patio in Carlucet. That spider on the other hand ... shudder!!

Have I ever told you the lizard in the cleavage in the pool story??

Tina said...

Hi Kim, I am looking forward to Potluck too. You won't like my snake story upcoming then :-)

Debra, they are always running around the patio and some of the little lizards get in the screens.

Mrs. L, I simply must know about a lizard in cleavage!! Sounds like a good time (snort)

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