Monday, July 01, 2013

What we shot during vacation. Plus, I have a new rifle!

I am sooo slow getting photos up of our vacation. It's been a hard week back at work after getting up late and lingering over second breakfast. I suppose, (I hope) this is what retirement will be like. In the meantime, here are a few shots of one of the days we went to the Otter Creek range in Wakulla county.

I am proud of my new rifle. ☺ In October we will be participating in Project Appleseed and I am looking forward to that very much. It's another fun thing Doug and i can do to enhance marksmanship skills, further our education as well as enjoy a good time together.

For the photo below, I stood on a bench to get this snap - you can see the plates way down range. You just pull the rope to set the plates up again after you shoot them down.

♫ ♫ Home, Home on the Range!! ♫ ♫

My only experience with a shotgun (when I was 12) consisted of me being overwhelmed by the noise and recoil...never have gotten over that :-) Doug is enjoying his time with a tactical shotgun though. I will just watch.

The shotgun makes these big ol' holes and lots of tiny scatter shot.

Afterwards, we are ravenous and head for the closest BBQ....... Hamaknockers.

The brisket is amazingly tender and it's difficult for me to try anything else. Yum!!

Next up is a visit to Posey's seafood joint. See ya there!!


~~louise~~ said...

Retirement is all that and so much more Tina!

I still remember the first time I attempted using a rifle at target practice. And yes, I still recall the LOUD noise. It took forever for my shoulder to get over it too.

I haven't had a license in years.

Thank you for sharing, Tina. BBQ is a perfect way to end the day:)

P.S. The Picnic Game Round-up is posted. Boy does everything look yummy!

Le laquet said...

Brisket - yum! Mac 'n' cheese? And ... ? I'd be there!!

Janel Gradowski said...

Looks like fun! We live a few miles away from a shooting club and sometimes I have to wonder what they're shooting over there. Loud! :)

Tina said...

I will have to take your word for it right now Louise :-)

Jo, I love, love, love brisket!! They have the best I have ever eaten at Hamaknockers.

Janel, We live a few miles from one shooting range and I never hera it, but there is a police training academy not too far away...we always hear that! The dog hates it.

Anonymous said...


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