August Updates: Books, Grandbaby, Home projects

Is it truly the end of August? This month has gone by fairly fast yet, the work weeks seems to drag by. How is this possible?

To the important items first - THE grandbaby. Our son and his wife sent the first ultrasound photo of the baby. This was done early to determine if twins were a possibility. Twins don't run on our side but they do on mama's side to know early. It is indeed only a single child. By October we may know if it's a boy or girl.

Well....I had meant to start Sarum by Edward Rutherfurd. I have a desire to tuck into this fat book but then I received some nice books as gifts (Thank You!)and so I wanted to tackle those first. The library has also notified me my Kindle downloads are available so, have to jump on that. The saying So Many Books, Never Enough Time is so true....

The last three books I posted on at Novel Meals are Rock and Vine by Chelsea Prince, 14 by Peter Clines. This is a science fiction book, light read and enjoyable. Also added I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron.

Upcoming will be What Katie Ate, Nigella Kitchen and Feast for Crows. I am loving this Fire and Ice series and will look forward to Martin publishing his 6th book.

House Updates
We have been working (not diligently but still working) on a few house projects. Some things just need sprucing up. So, we bought a new rug for the living room. Here is the old rug - see how the coloring blends into the brick?

Here is the new rug. What do you think? It covers more of the brick and brings a bit more of contrast in coloring. It's much larger than we thought when we purchased it but, we are pleased with the new look.

Some other things in the works are converting an old swing set into a bird feeder, painting bathrooms and purchasing a dishwasher. We are tired of the hand washing of dishes so this is an exciting purchase.

Coming up I have a few photos to share on our latest trip to Jones Country Meats in Climax; we scored some nice quail and rabbit. Also a few wine reviews.

See ya later!


Velva said...

I hear that becoming a grandmother is like falling in love all over again-Congratulations.

Nice rugs it is a good feeling to liven things up a bit.

Have a great weekend.


Heather Smith said...

Love it baby and rug!!

Debbie said...

It is true...having a grandbaby is like falling in love. It's hard to explain. BUT also it's wonderful to be able to give them back to their parents. hahahaha.
love the new rug.

Col (Col Reads) said...

How nice to have a grandbaby on the way! I am finding that library e-loans are wreaking havoc with my reading plans -- but I sure love the price!

Kim said...

A big congratulations on the grandbaby! That is so very exciting for you. I bet you are counting down the days :)

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