What is going on so far in September - Books, IHCC and Good Food

This will all be a stream of consciousness post. I am just wanting to share what's up with family and friends.

First off, I am excited to see Donna Hay won the vote for the next female cook at I ♥ Cooking Club.

There were four good choices (in my humble opinion) and while I would have happily participated with the recipes of Diana Henry, Claudia Roden or Heidi Swanson, I am thrilled we are cooking with Donna Hay. Please stop by to see some of the delectable dishes inspired by Donna starting in October. I hope I can do them justice. We shall see......

It stopped raining!
Recently I know I have reported we've had rain just about every day. Don't want to curse it but, I think the spell is broken. We haven;t had daily thunderstorms for quite a while. Yea!

This is a rare sight......a clear evening.

The daily thunder had gotten so bad that we purchased a Thunder Shirt for our poor little shiba inu. It really works!
Here is Kobe with the shirt on for under a minute. His ears are still back a bit but he's no longer running from room to room looking for a quiet place to avoid the thunder.

It's amazing and I wish we had bought one sooner.

We cooked some from What Katie Ate and I finished Feast for Crows and am now on book 5, Dance with Dragons. Love the series. Doug is on an apocalyptic run with On the Beach by Neville Shute, World War Z and is next for The Passage.

Grandchild. No update :-(
In just a few weeks we will, hopefully, know the sex of the grandbaby. I am itching to buy an outfit for the babe and Costco has some very cute ones right now. This will be a spoiled child.....

We wandered around the nursery....
Tallahassee Nurseries has some great garden art for sale. This one cost quite a bit but I was impressed by the workmanship. So creative.

Coming up will be a Jones Country Meat expedition post.

C'mon Fall weather - I am ready!!


Debra Eliotseats said...

I love that horse!!!!!!! We need the rain; please send some our way! Can't wait to hear your news!

cquek said...

Great looking horse

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