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I’ve been able to get in bit of reading lately. But I have to say, the book I am anxiously awaiting is Diana Gabaldon’s last book in her Outlander series.

When I find a series of books I like and it’s one that has been out a while, I feel very fortunate. Why is that, you may ask? Well, when I picked up a second hand copy of Outlander and proceeded to get involved with the characters, I was happy to see there were already 4 books published in the series. Jamie, Claire and Dougal were like real people to me by book 4 (earlier, if truth be told) and I was quite invested in their stories and outcome. Now there is one more book to end the story line.

The title is WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART'S BLOOD, the eighth and final book in this epic series. It's scheduled out in March. Can’t wait!

Also waiting on George R.R. Martin to follow up on book five, Dance with Dragons, in his Fire and Ice series. Martin is evidently working on several books to make this story line complete. I want to know more about Daenerys and her dragons.

Have you read book 5? Wow, what an ending scene for her! I shall say no more………..He has left us hanging on so many story lines……..

Are there series you like reading and anticipate the next book being released?

Lately I finished Vanished: The Sixty-year Search for the Men of World War II which is about (as you may guess) a salvage mission for the remains of a group stationed in the Pacific Theater. It’s non-fiction, published by Riverhead Books, and a well told story. Actually, it’s several stories deftly woven in a sequence spanning a sixty year period. Good book, I will look for more by this author.

Also finished Dance with Dragons and I know I have mentioned Toast by Nigel Slater. Didn’t I? Maybe I mentioned that already.

Lastly.......the exploration of new ciders and ales may well have come to an end for me.

Fox Barrel Cider

I did not care for the pear cider (here below) and so now I know to stick with ciders I like. Bulmers, Strongbow and an occasional Woodchuck. Pear cider did not do it for me.

Also, this Banana Bread Beer was actually loaded into the shopping cart, put back out again, loaded again several times. It was $2.99 a bottle (cheaper by the six or 4 pack) but it seemed worth a shot.

Yeaaaaahhh...I am happy we have markets which allow you to mix up your purchases by the single bottle. It's awful to purchase a 6 pack of something to discover after a few sips that you actually loathe the taste.

The banana bread beer was not awful. But it was not remarkable either. Hardly any carbonation and it reminded you of a cream soda. The terrible thing there is, you can tip it back too quickly and thus...have a bigger buzz than planned (or expected) in no time.

So, I shall be sticking with my favorites from here on until I get an adventurous spark again.

What have you all been reading and imbibing lately? Hope all is well in your world.

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