Gardening: Raised Bed Method

About 2 weeks ago we enjoyed a class put on by the local extension office. It was presented by master gardeners who gave us good hands-on examples of how to set up raised beds. We had a fairly successful garden years back when we had a very small yard at the townhouse. It was enjoyable to get out there, planting and weeding.

When we moved to a rural area our house was all but overtaken by woods, so not a success story there on the gardening front. Years later we had a few acres cleared of trees and we put in a modest little garden. Just something so we could enjoy fresh tomatoes and peppers. The deer would nibble at everything. The crows ate our figs. Some horrid bugs destroyed plant leaves. So we gave up.

Inspiration struck and now, with new motivation, we set up a few raised beds. Starting small, plans are still being formed. This particular brand of gardening beds is amazingly simple to pop together.

We had priced out the cost of boards and all materials needed to build our own grow boxes but these beauties just fit together without tools. Also, the price was under $26 per box which is very cost effective. We placed newspaper in the bottom to sort out the grass and weeds.

Over the weekend we shopped for seeds and plants. Picked up seeds for eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, carrots and bought strawberry, lettuce and oregano plants.

Saturday afternoon we put in butter lettuce and it's doing very well so far. Hasn't minded the cold mornings at all.

We planted the strawberries in this Earth Box. This box came from Worm's Way, a very cool store selling hydroponic and organic gardening supplies. My brother-in-law works there and he can be expecting us to pick his brain for tips on organic methods to avoid pests and bugs.

I hope to share successful updates on the gardening endeavors. Oh, did I mentioned we started seeds in peat pots? I look every day for sprouts...nothing yet.

Coming up is Apple Brandy Glazed pork tenderloin ..........


Debbie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your garden progress. I've always had little gardens off an on. I am not doing one this year, because the place where we usually have one is pretty shaded now, as the trees have grown so much taller.

Tina said...

Well if we don't get a fence up you will see veggies with deer teeth marks, haha. We have plenty of time for that though.

Le laquet said...

Oooooh - you're doing well!! Good job guys - looking forward to more photos!

Tina said...

Thanks, Mrs. L. The lettuce is thriving!

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