Kiddie pool transforms into a garden. Let's plant herbs!

Here is a great little project for starting an herb garden which won't set you back too many dollars. Do you have a small kiddie pool you aren't using anymore? If not, you can pick up a small one for about $9 at WalMart.

Drill some holes in the bottom. Fill with good mixture of soil and/or compost.

Here we are...we're ready to get more planted but have started with oregano, German thyme, parsley, basil and a cherry tomato plant. I am hoping this cherry tomato plant is bushy so I won't need to stake it. Still need to plant a few more herbs in this pool.

It's been a slow and steady pace getting the raised beds prepared and obtaining a few plants, working with seeds. Hopefully I will be able to share photos showing a lush garden filled with tomatoes, beans, peppers and more. Stay with me for this new labor of love.

Look at that lone squash, sitting in a large box with room to grow. According to a raised bed gardening book we have been consulting, a yellow squash needs a big bed all to it's own as it will spread out.

See ya next time!


~~louise~~ said...

Hi Tina!
I love your kiddie pool herb garden! What a wonderful idea!

It looks like you are up and running for the season:) Not here I'm afraid, snow is in the forecast. {{sigh}}

At least I can look at your pictures and "dream" about getting outside, someday:) Thanks for sharing, Tina...

Tina said...

Thanks Louise! Sorry to hear you are still getting snow. We had an unexpected drop in temps last night, low down in the 30s so I hope the plants didn't suffer. Perhaps we jumped the gun on planting.

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