Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wine Wednesday - Carmen Stevens Angel's Reserve Shiraz 2012

The maker of this wine is Carmen Stevens. A South African shiraz new to the market but I will wager a popular one in the near future.

A natural with lamb. We had this with a roasted leg of lamb and Rapid Ragu. Smooth, chocolate, hints of fig and cinnamon. Very earthy. It has a great mouth feel and soft tannins.

This bottle was given to us to sample so I have no idea about the retail price of this wine. It's very good and I would certainly include this in our wine budget. If you see it, buy it!


Velva said...

The shiraz looks delightful! It is a rich hearty wine if it pairs with lamb well. Love it!

Happy spring ( I mean Pollen Day)


Tina said...

Happy Pollen Day is soooo accurate! Can't believe how yellow everything is. But is sure is nice to have some warmer weather. Yea!