Roast Chicken with Cheese Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

It's Potluck at I ♥ Cooking Club! This week, I am sticking with Nigel Slater and prepared a roasted chicken with cheesy mashed potatoes and thick gravy. Look at this beauty coming out of the oven. The crisped brown skin of a chicken straight out of the oven is a lovely site, to me it is.

Plated up. This gravy was a snap to make and gave an extra creaminess to the cheesy potatoes.

For the cheese we ventured over to Whole Foods. They have a fantastic cheese counter and gave samples of the ones we were interested in. That's a good thing to do, sample it first, as cheese can be very expensive and it's awful to be stuck with a large wedge you can't abide.

Nigel recommended a Wensleydale, Lancashire, cheddar

Here's what you'll need to prepare this feast:

1 large chicken
5 springs of thyme
2 heads of garlic
*2 medium to large potatoes
3 large carrots, chopped in 1 ½ inch pieces

For the gravy:
A small onion halved
A carrot
A couple of bay leaves
2/3 cup white wine

For the cheese mashed potatoes:
4 tablespoons butter
½ cup hot milk
Mature cheese such as Wensleydale, Lancashire, cheddar

Set the oven to 400F. After removing giblets from bird spread butter and add salt, pepper and thyme. Shove a few sprigs of thyme inside the chicken cavity. Place bird breast side down in pan.
Cut heads off garlic horizontally and tuck under the bird. Place in oven to roast.
*Note: This recipe calls for chopping and boiling potatoes, then placing in the roasting pan with the chicken. I love potatoes, but since we were having the cheese mashed potatoes I didn’t want the extra roasted ones as well. I omitted that step but I did add carrots.

Ok, once you’ve boiled the potatoes for the mash and they are done, drain and add to hot milk and butter. Use your mixer or potato masher. Add cheese. Keep warm while you carve the chicken and make gravy.

This is what I am bringing to Potluck at I ♥ Cooking Club. It's most likely a weekend meal or any day you have a bit of time to cook. It doesn't need too much tending though so we do have this during a weeknight. It's a feast. Join in at IHCC, just click on the icon below and transport over. Guaranteed there will be other delectable offerings


~~louise~~ said...

And wht a feast it is, Tina! Isn't is funny the way the crispiness of the chicken always makes you just want to "pluck" at it, lol...I wish more stores would give sample bites of cheese. I LOVE all kinds of cheeses but it seems I usually wind up buying those that just don't send me over the edge. I would be very choosy about adding cheese to my mashed potatoes so a tasting would be wonderful!

I'm sure you enjoyed this feast Tina. I feel like I can smell it from here, lol...Thanks so much for sharing...

Debra Eliotseats said...

Love the cheese station at WF. But I definitely love this meal more.

Zosia said...

What a wonderful feast! Your bird does look beautiful and I love the idea of the potatoes made with British cheese...I'll have to search some out.

Tina said...

Thanks Louise. We are big fans of roasted chicken. There is so much you can do with it. Remember to ask for samples when you are checking out a cheese counter. They usually don't mind.

Thank you, Debra. It was super easy.

Zosia, I just stopped by your place and looked at all the pizzas you made. You went all out, looks great :-)

Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl said...

This is pretty much a perfect dinner! Can never say no to some yummy mashed potatoes!

Susan Lindquist said...

Mmmm! I DO love a good roasted chicken! And Pamela id right, yours is the perfect meal! Great choice for Potluck week!

ostwestwind said...

What a great dish, mashed potatoes are always a winner in our familiy

Deb in Hawaii said...

What a fabulous meal. That chicken does look wonderfully crispy-skinned and juicy and I am all about cheesy mashed potatoes. (Although I did promise myself a Nigel 'cheeservention' after my last three recipes so I may have to hold off on making those!) ;-)

kitchen flavours said...

We love roasted chicken. And this certainly looks delicious. A great idea with the carrots, since cheesy mashed potatoes are around. This is the kinda meal that would bring smiles at the dining table! Delicious choice for a Potluck!

Le laquet said...

You had me at roast bird and cheesey mash!!

Couscous & Consciousness said...

That's a feast alright. Roast chicken is hands down one of our favourite meals around here - I can't wait to try it now with that cheesy mash. I often put sour cream or regular cream into my mash, but never thought of adding a whole pile of cheese - sounds like heaven.

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