Monday, May 12, 2014

Just catching up: Food, Books and Movies

It’s May 12th. That’s just about the middle of the month and I am wondering – where has this month gone?! The weather has been up and down so we’ve had to use the heater earlier this month and now the A/C. Sadly, open-window weather doesn’t last long; It’s cold and you get those few blissful days of sleeping with the windows open and then, without grace, the heat slams us into summer temperatures. That’s fine – we have an oscillating fan on the patio so meals may still be enjoyed out there.

(More on this meal coming up)

The movies we’ve gotten from Netflix lately have been hit or miss. No fault of Netflix, it’s our selections. I thought American Hustle would be good and had heard it won all sorts of awards. We were so bored we turned it off. We stuck it out maybe a half hour and it hadn’t grabbed us.

August Osage County was one we turned off after an hour of enduring the characters argue with venom. Not a feel good movie. With a starring cast of Ewan MacGregor, Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep I thought it would be an excellent drama. Kill me now. We kept falling asleep and every single time we’d wake up they were sitting at the dinner table snapping at each other. I didn’t even care how it ended – you just didn’t like anyone in that movie.

For series we are waiting on season 5 of Justified and have gotten interested in, believe it or not, Walking Dead. I lose patience with the zombie’s slurring aarrghhh as they clumsily shuffle toward a human victim. But the interactions of the group of survivors is what holds the interest.

Here is our little cream shiba Aja keeping our company in the den. How much do I love that den?!

It was a great addition and we spend many of our evenings listening to music and chatting over cocktails. A few CDs I would love to get next is Shirley Horn and more Louie Prima. Jazz is always great (Diana Krall is a favorite) but it’s nice to hear Dave Matthews and Sting once in a while too.

As for reading, I was midway through another Inspector Banks mystery when I received Divergent and The Winter People at the same time. I only have three weeks with both of those books so...sorry DCI Banks, you will sit on the bookshelf again until I finish one or both books...or 3 weeks runs out.

That's all that's going on here. I have some new photos of the grandbaby but not uploaded yet. What's up in your world? Whatcha reading or watching?

Hope you all are healthy and enjoying May weather!


Debra Eliotseats said...

So sorry you didn't like August: Osage County. The play is MUCH better but I loved the film b/c we knew where they filmed it. (Please note that not all Okies are that dysfunctional!) :)

Joanne said...

We didn't love August Osage County either, but we did manage to sit through it! If only I could get back the hour and a half I spend watching Her, on the other hand...

Tina said...

Debra, of course I don't think all Okies are dysfunctional! I am glad to hear the play was better. Thanks for always visiting me!

Joanne, uh oh! I have Her on my library list for DVD checkout :-) I will let you know how we like it.

Le laquet said...


Tina said...

Hello Mrs L! Hope you are well :-)

Carole said...

Hi Tina, just stopped by to let you know that you've been featured over at Carole's Chatter today. Cheers

Tina said...

Carole, thank you so much!

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Debbie said...

Winter People? should I read it?
And....we love the Walking Dead AND Justified.