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I was wandering around on the web, visiting sites I usually go to when I have some free time, and saw Lucy at The Pie Patch is on Bloglovin. So I check it out and discovered I actually had an account. It was dormant because, I forgot about it.
So......here is the link if you are interested:

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So what else is new here......well, it's horrifically hot and humid. Yeah, that's not news but we actually had a heat index of 108 so it's unbearable to sit outside and have a nice dinner. Fortunately that hasn't deterred us on preparing some very good meals. Probably drinking too much wine because we've had a cheese course here and there...appetizers on other nights. {too much wine.....LOL}

I have neglected my book blog a bit. Pure laziness on my part. Once I would finish one book I didn’t take the time to note what I liked and post it before delving into another mystery or foodie memoir. I did finish The Winter People (it’s was just ok…eh), Divergent and Innocent Graves.

Recently I started Jacques Pepin’s book The Apprentice and I am loving this book. It's one of the better memoirs I have read in ages. It's also the featured book over at Cook the Books Club for July. Check that out if you like to read and pair up food with a group of like-minded folks. It's fun and one of the friendlier online cooking groups I have had pleasure to interact with.

Looking forward to Walking Dead, season four, to be released from Netflix. Ok, that's an itty bitty drawback of not having any television feed....you have to wait a long time to catch up with a series. We'll probably buy this season when it comes out for sale - Just. Can't. Wait. Season five has concluded so it's always challenging trying to avoid spoilers.
We are only through with season 3.

Otherwise it's same ol', same ol' here. Cooking, wining and dining, scratching our heads while figuring out gardening issues and reading.

What's new in your world? Are you off for summer vacations? Whatever you are doing I hope it's fun and you are well.

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