Friday, August 08, 2014

What? We're out of brandy? Then I will adapt and make
Bourbon and Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin

It was starting to look like slim pickings from our freezer as we hadn’t made a Jones Run for meats in quite a while. I spied a small pack of pork tenderloin pieces and decided to use a different recipe from the brandy and apple stand by.

You don’t need a high quality bourbon for this recipe since you’ll not be drinking the leftover marinade juices. Well….you shouldn’t drink it, I wouldn’t advise that after it’s had pork stewing in it for hours. That would be unpleasant.

Bourbon and Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin
with a bottle of Bordeaux Chateau Blouin


1/3 cup bourbon
¼ cup brown sugar
3 TB olive oil
½ teaspoon each ground sage and pepper
1 pound of pork tenderloin


Combine all of the above in a freezer bag and marinate at least 5 hours.

Grill the pork until cooked through. Nothing simpler than that. Our tenderloin was cut into medallions and small chunks. However you decided to grill and serve it, chunked or one big piece, you won’t be disappointed in the flavor. It’s tender, it’s juicy and went with a Bordeaux extremely well.

Not a clear photo but never mind that, it was a good meal. We were fortunate enough to eat outside on the patio. One of those rare evenings when the humidity doesn't chase you in.

This Bordeaux was great with the pork but I think we'll be preparing more white or Rose wine meals. Love the reds but the summer just screams for a more refreshing wine.

Do you have favorite go-to recipes for pork? Any marinade with bourbon is great but brandy works well too.


Catherine said...

Delicious!!! Blessings, Catherine

Tina said...

Thank you, Catherine. It was a tasty meal :-)

Debbie said...

I love pork. I love bourbon. (It reminds me of my grandmother, who drank it. A Lot. hahahaa)

Tina said...

Come get some, Debbie. There is always enough. Mmmmm....bourbon

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