Nachos, books and random thoughts........

Recently I wrote up a short review of the cookbook The Homesick Texan: Family Table. One of the many cool recipes in there had a page on Nachos. I love to eat nachos and we adapted a bit and had these ...look below.

Add sour cream, avocado and a quesadilla or two and you're in business!

You know we are going to have wine with dinner - nachos being no exception. As a matter of fact, nachos goes into the category of foods we like to have when we are doing a Friday evening chill-out night. That's when we pop in a movie, open some wine, eat a dinner like this on a tray and give the shibas a Kong.

The Kongs have a bit of peanut butter smeared inside and are frozen. That gives Kobe and Aja time to enjoy a treat while we begin our meal without the usual begging. It buys us maybe 5 minutes but I'll take it!

Last time we planned to have a chill-out dinner and watch Walking Dead we were deeply disappointed. Turned out we had seen the last episode from Netflicks and didn't realize it. Disk 5 arrived, we were expecting to see the season-ender but it was special features and interviews. Arrgghhhh! Now we have to wait for season 5 to come out on DVD.

Ok, enough whinging about my TV show............

I was fooling around on my other website, the bookish one Novel Meals, trying to change a few formatting issues, trying to pretty it up. Big mistake! I ended up with some of the widgets I like at the very bottom of the page and for the life of me I couldn't get them back where I wanted.

Wordpress has a help and support section but alas...they were down until 23 September. I just changed the theme and found one that works for me. I like Kobe's picture at the top so that was a requirement for me to find a design where I could insert his photo.

Recently I finished Daphne du Maurier's Jamaica Inn, a classic which I heard was being made into 3 part series. Not sure if that's true, just heard it through the grapevine. Starting on several books here - Broadchurch by Erin Kelley and In a Dry Season by Peter Robinson. Need my DCI Banks fix.

That's about it from Squirrel Head Manor. Hope life is treating you well wherever you are now.

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

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