Lizards, burgers and books

See this little guy? There were two of them trapped between our bathroom window and screen. I thought I would try and rescue them, toss them outside so they could live. The first one got away. I had it by the tail and he jumped, leaving me with a wiggling tail as the rest of him scurried away under the door where the towels are kept.

This resulted in me hanging this sign on the door to the toilet. No one wants that sort of surprise, having a lizard jump on you when you are doing your business.

Both lizards have since been removed to the outdoors. We're all happy about that.

Vacation means sitting on the patio. We've had some nice days to sit outside and eat. Here is an excellent grilled burger, mozzarella tomato and mixed green salad tater tots, an indulgence. The burgers were only $3.49 each so what a savings on a lunch out. Doug just popped them on the charcoal grill.

After lunch we read, watched the birds, chill out.

Bookish Talk.....Recently I have enjoyed:

Bittersweet by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore
Broadchurch by Erin Kelly
Eat by Nigel Slater
Jamaica Inn by Daphne Du Maurier
The Road by Cormac McCarthy
Currently reading Diana Gabaldon's latest book Written in My Own Heart's Blood.

The plans for vacation are loose but we have gotten to the theater and watched Gone Girl and it was good. The book was also good and had more detail but, I can't complain about the movie. We also made it to Talon once (so far) for some target shooting. Haven't been on the range in a while. Getting in some crocheting and lots of reading too! Doug has been fortunate enough to be out with his telescopes several times, weather has been decent excpet for that bugger of a storm we had last Tuesday.

That's about it here, hope all is well in your world.


Joanne said...

You were way more calm about the lizards than I would have been!

Tina said...

Joanne, they are always getting caught in the screens. Some get away from us but we try and be sure they don't turn into entertainment for the dogs :-)

Jennifer Hartling said...

Lizard loose in the closet, lol! That is hilarious :D You were quite nice to warn people.

kitchen flavours said...

Hi Tina,
You had the lizard by the tail? yikes!!
That burger makes a lovely lunch. :)
Enjoy your week!

Tina said...

Thanks Jennifer. I know if one jumped on me when I wasn't expecting it you'd hear me holler on the moon!

KF, it was a nice lunch, so relaxing.

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