Saturday, January 24, 2015

What a week

Well, it's been a week of medical fun. My husband had oral surgery on Tuesday and I had news from my primary care doctor.

Doug endured 4 hours of surgery and thankfully he slept through most of it. Once we got home he slept roughly 15 hours straight with occasional wakeful periods to eat frozen yogurt and take medicine. The recovery period is amazing as he’s up and about and without much pain at all. That’s so much trauma to your body, having oral surgery. He remembers nothing but he sure was weaving like a drunken sailor when we got home. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I would get him up the stairs for bed that evening but…..we made it!

He jokes that he must have looked like Mr. Gower from It’s a Wonderful Life after George Bailey wasn’t born. Kindly, I did not spray Doug in the face with seltzer.

With the exception of him being bored with the soft diet all is well. Note on the soft diet if you need it after something like oral surgery – we fared well with Ensure, Cottage Pie, chicken and rice with vegetables such as peas and deiced chicken, Rapid Ragu, yogurt (both frozen and breakfast type), oatmeal, scrambled eggs and grits and Quiche.

In late October I had a call from my doctor, letting me know my liver enzyme numbers were high again. Since I never ever take acetaminophen I was certain the problem was alcohol. Evening meals with wine every night was surely the cause of this evil enzyme rise in my blood. So, perfect solution, I opted to abstain from all alcohol for three months and repeat the blood test in Januray.

I was quite a good girl in abstaining from alcohol, yes- wine and spirits both – with the exception of two gin and tonics spaced about 3 weeks apart in all of December. C’mon, that’s very good from someone who enjoys the occasional tipple while listening to music. Or sitting on the patio. Or by the fire. When my results came back with even higher numbers I was shocked.

Naturally I went into panic mode and trolled the Internet for symptoms and health problems in this area. Bad idea, one can take a bad headache and turn it into a tumor when reading WebMD. So, next step is going to a specialist and enjoying some tests. Bah! Meh.

Ok, on to something fun - our granddaughter Elizabeth is pulling herself up and standing. Soon she's be toddling all over the house so lookout! Let's put up the breakables. I remeber when Tristan started walking - whoa, that was about 25 years ago - we had to secure everything so he wouldn't get hurt.

Here she is balancing on a Christmas toy. Tristan took the little Philadelphia Eagles outfit off of a teddy bear that was his as a child and put it on Elizabeth. The bear was a gift from his grandfather and now it's Elizabeth's toy, if she wants it.

Tristan has been applying for jobs and hopefully something will come up soon in the Tallahassee area. Now that he's out of the Army I think they would like to put roots down here. It's good to have the family closer, nice to see everyone any time we want instead of driving hours for a short visit.

That's about it for us. I'm at the library using free internet connections since we are at our total usage allowance at home :-(

Hope all is well in your world!


~~louise~~ said...

Oh NO, Tina!!! You sure have had some week! Oral surgery is a bummer for sure. Been there, done that. Now that you mention it (or Doug jokes about) I think I may have looked like Mrs. Gower after George Bailey wasn't born, lol...Glad to hear he is on the mend.

Now, as for you, stay away from WebMD! I would look into some natural food remedies or herb solutions. Just saying...

Elizabeth is growing like a weed. (in a good way of course:) She looks adorable in that outfit, lol...How cool it fits her, but not for long I'm sure.

Hopefully Tristan will land a job soon. I hear Florida is not doing as well as some other areas of the country. Hopefully they will be able to stay close to home. Fingers crossed and I'll keep you and yours in my prayers. {{{Hugs}}} Louise:)

Le laquet said...

Poor Doug!
Gorgeous baby Elizabeth!
I hope things go well with the specialist appointment ... will you have to wait long?

Debbie said...

I'll keep you in my thoughts and my fingers crossed for you. Do as Louise suggests--- stay away from WebMD and look into some herbal remedies.

Tina said...

Thanks everyone! I have an ultrasound scheduled on Monday and another appointment on Feb 9th. I'll be glad to see what is going on!

Doug is doing well, not loving the soft diet but he is healing.

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