♥ Garden Plans and Seedling Progress ♥

The grow light is working well. We planted on March 7th and started seeing little seedlings not too long afterwards. Now the plants are growing so fast, eager to get into soil and proper sunshine I suppose.

The thing we did not consider was how fast the beans would grow, and how tall they would get in comparison to the other vegetables. The light is meant to be 2 inches from the plants so that’s problematic when the beans have gotten so much taller than tomatoes, peas, chard and squash.

Doug’s brother is brilliant with gardening (he works at Worm’s Way in Tampa )s o he gives us tips here and there. The solution to the lighting and different growth of plants is to adjust the light by tilting it with the draw string.

It’s difficult to see in this photo but the grow light is at an angle to accommodate the varying height of the veggies.

We are using different soil combos this time and will note which one works best for future considerations. We've bought the below and also need to get the Happy Frog soil from the local gardening supply place very soon, start mixing the soils up. The raised beds are now 12 inches deep instead of the 6 inches we used last year.

This past weekend we moved the pole beans and peas outside to adjust to the light before planted them in a bed. We’ll also need to prepare a net for the beans to climb on once they start vining upwards.

I know it’s not good gardening weather for everyone yet but if you have started a garden, what are you planting? What are your plans for this year? Let’s hope I can report some success from our little corner of the globe.


Velva said...

Very cool!!! It is that time of year! Looking forward to following your garden journey.


Joanne said...

Looks like you're off to a very green start!! :P

Tina said...

I just saw your garden photo on Instagram and wow! You have a very large garden , very impressive. I hope this year we will be more productive.

Thanks Joanne! It's fun to play in the dirt.

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