Starting up the garden with seeds and a Jump Start grow light

When I was growing up I remember my mother always had a garden in our small suburban yard. How I wish I had taken notes and asked questions way back then.

My father had a hand with the planning as he was out measuring, turning soil and staking out the area between the two apple trees. I was allowed a small patch where I could plant anything I wanted….but what I didn’t do was take an active role in the everyday planting, pest control and maintenance. I could really use that info now.

Last year our garden was not successful but this year I hope to report great progress. We are trying something different this year. Last year we planted straight into raised beds.


This year we are starting with seeds instead of plants and placing them under a grow light.

Every morning we turn the light on and turn it off before to retire to bed. The soil is sprayed once a day to keep it moist. We also plotted out which beds we would place the tomatoes, squash, peas, beans, chard and bell pepper.

FullSizeRender (4)

This year we are increasing the depth of the beds to 12 inches. That should help quite a bit.

Here are the seed trays under our new light. This light helps the seedlings come up strong and not wispy. As soon as danger of frost is gone we will plant in a raised bed.

More updates later - hopefully successful ones!


Mae Travels said...

That sounds like a very ambitious undertaking. Our yard isn't sunny enough for vegetables so we've never done it. We always think, well, one cherry tomato plant in a pot. Maybe some herbs. But usually it doesn't go anywhere. Good luck with yours!

~~louise~~ said...

Good morning Tina!
I'm biting at the bit to be able to start my garden this year but due to cicumstances beyond my control, it may not be happening in the vegetable garden anyway.

We always had a veggie garden when I was a kid. I learned a lot because my sister and I did most of the work although, my father always said it was his garden, lol...

I've never tried a grow light but I can see how it would probably make the plants less leggy and a lot stronger.

Good luck, Tina...I'm excited for you guys and your new gardening adventure:) Thanks for sharing...

Tina said...

Thank you, Mae, we are hoping for better luck this year. I think done cherry tomatoes in pots would be great - go for it!

Louise, I think you are having more wintery weather these days, right? Now that isn't conducive to getting a garden in! Maybe you can out there soon!

Bet you had a blast when you were a kid helping with the garden 😀

Debbie said...

A few years ago, we did a square-foot garden. It did okay. We are just so dry here, it takes tons of water. Last year I didn't do a garden at all, just some tomato plants in barrels. I haven't given any thought to what I'll do this year. I do love a garden tho. I hope you have better luck this year.

~~louise~~ said...

Hi Tina,
We actaully had more snow yesterday but thankfully the sun was out today and most of it melted. I was outside today, oh so much work to be done!!!

At least you're off to a good start!

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