Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mini Update: Books, Food and Movies
{Buzzing on Iced Coffee}

We have less than a quarter of a gig left on our internet allowance at home.

Soooooo.......if my visits are sporadic it's because I have to visit websites and leave comments (or do anything) with my phone. That's so hard to do. As a result I usually wait until I get to Starbucks to guzzle iced vanilla coffee and all the free internet access I can handle.


Pity we can't get high-speed internet or cable at our place but I'd rather deal with limited access than live in town. With neighbors. And homeowner associations. It's worth it. So anyway, guess where I am?

Yeppers - Starbucks. Totally buzzed on caffeine now.

In a shameless plug I would like to share that I was featured on The Bookclub Cookbook site. It was under their Blogger Bites HERE. I was honored!

Bookish stuff
I recently read:

Summer Secrets by Jane Green (If you want to know the ins and outs of A.A., this is the book for you. There is something for the Anglophile in there too)
Straight Up tasty (Fun just to look through, I would love to see him on a TV show)
Little Paris Bookshop
In Wilderness (I wasn’t crazy about this one)


Crooked Heart by Lissa Evans (I really liked this one. A+)

Currently involved with Ian Rankin’s book Witch Hunt and starting up Peter Robinson's In Dry Season. Love me some Inspector Banks mysteries!


Justified – We’ve been watching this since the first season and now we are at the end of the series. It ended well but I will certainly miss seeing what Raylan Givens is up to.

Best. Marshall. Ever.


One Night at McCools – Quirky Liv Tyler movie. I loved her with pointed ears as Arwen and she still rocks in this movie.

Nurse Jackie season 3 – lots of twist and turns this season so far! If you have watched beyind season three, please don't tell me! No spoilers please :-)


We have been taking any free time to get out on the trike and ride. In spite of the heat. Today it was a 108 F heat index so we got home and had another shower after that ride. So eager for Fall temperatures.

I have a cool new leather jacket I am wanting to wear. It's lovely, such good quality - my wonderful husband bought it for me as an early Christmas gift. I'll show off a photo soon.

Bye for now!



Katherine P said...

I definitely agree about not wanting to live in town or deal with HOAs. Those drive me nuts. We are lucky that the neighborhood we are in has very large lots (all over an acre) and no HOA but also decent internet. I loved Straight Up Tasty! I did track down his show Man vs Food on Travel Channel and it was so fun. I think I like him even more. Have a great week!

Debbie said...

How fun! I checked you out on The bookclub cookbook site.
Sounds like you are reading some great books and having a fun summer!

Vicki said...

How neat that you are mentioned on the Book Club Cookbook site!! I'll have to go check it out! I just ordered that book and got it last week!

My son and I live in the country but are trying to decide whether to rent our house or sell it. We found another house in town and should be closing on it in a week or two. No HOA's!

I love seeing photos of your trips and can't wait to see your jacket.

Tina said...

Thanks Katherine, I hope your week is excellent! I agree with you about HOAs 😀

Tina said...

It's been pretty nice so far, Debbie, hot but I am probably getting more reading in because I'm inside more.

Tina said...

Vicki, I can't wait to show your jacket! Will it be difficult for you to live in town after being in the country?

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