Aja gets a new toy, Non ride to Dothan and Doc Martin

A couple of Saturdays back we planned a long ride to Dothan Alabama, looking for the BBQ Shack to be open. They have Carolina style BBQ, the sort with the cole slaw heaped on top of the meat. I love that style. Alas, it was so cold we about froze by the time we rose 30 miles.

Note: Flannel lined jeans are warm – but they don’t hold up to 65 mph in 48 degree weather.

So, we ended up eating at Beef O'Brady's restaurant in Bainbridge. I wasn't heartbroken - love wings - but I sure look forward to better weather so we can go after the BBQ and ride all day.


Aja received a new toy and is enjoying it very much. The only reason this is news is because you give a dog a toy and they have 5 minutes of fun....then abandon it. This one she comes back to all the time.


Still playing like a puppy even though she's an old 13 year old shiba. Obviously you can tell we dote on her. Losing Kobe was tough and when she goes we will be heartbroken. It will be a long time before we get another animal. Time to heal. Time to travel.


In other news, we are still without a Netflicks subscription and that's going well. We watched Doc Martin, season 7, last week. Love that show and I think they ended it where the actual series could come to a close. We will see, they only film every two years.

One day we would like to visit Cornwall and see where this is filmed. IN the show it's called Port Wenn but in reality it's Port Isaac.

That's it - just a brief update. Hope all is well in your world.


Katherine P said...

Oh those fries look delicious! There's something about curly fries that just make me happy! I can definitely understand it being too cold to ride! When it's 48 I'm not real excited to go outside to get the mail much less hop on a bike! Doc Martin looks good and I'm pretty sure it's on my watch list. I love the look of Cornwall. It's definitely high up on my to visit list.

Vicki said...

Aja is so cute! The dog I lost a few months ago, Patches, would only play with one toy the whole 17 1/2 years I had her. A little red ball with a bell inside that rattled. I miss her so much!

We love Beef O Brady's, but don't go very often.
Never watched Doc Martin, don't even know what it's about. I love Drick's recipes, I plan on making his 7-Up Roast maybe this week or next. I'm planning my meals for the week now, to start tomorrow.

Vicki said...

I don't want you to think I'm losing it, I know you didn't mention Drick in your post, but I saw his link in your sidebar and that's why I mentioned him. :)

Le laquet said...

I am sure you'd love Cornwall - south west Wales is prettier! #NotBiased #TourGuide #Tenby #Solva #StDavids xx

Debbie said...

I'm on season 4 of Doc Martin. Seems like everybody loves it!

Tina said...

Katherine: I love the curly fries too. Wings are a treat as they are probably fatty but hey, we deserved it after that cold ride. Hope you like Doc Martin.

Vicki: I knew what you meant, Drick has some good recipes! I love your little dog Desi, you two will be so happy together. I'm glad you adopted her.

Mrs L: I know you aren't biased, hahaha, and west Wales is on the travel list if we can ever travel.

Debbie: this is the only role I had seen Martin Clunes star in until I saw Reggie Perrin. We liked that show and in sorry it ended.

Debra Eliotseats said...

Flannel is GOOD but that is some tremendous speed velocity to deal with!

Kate said...

We love Doc Martin! Cornwall is on our travel list, also.. I would love to sit down to those wonderful looking wings and coleslaw!!

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