Sunday, January 31, 2016

Meal Planning # 8
{Starring Beef Stew and Corn Chowder!}

Before I get to the meal planning I wanted to say – announcement – that I started making bread again. Yea! ( Much rejoicing) When Doug took a break from Prilosec we ate gluten free for over a year. The heartburn he experienced was due to wheat and gluten. Cutting it out of our diet made it possible to him to avoid the daily dose of Prilosec and he didn’t have any problems with heartburn.

Well…..there are the occasional slip ups because we didn’t know a salad dressing had wheat or something cross contaminates. It was good to clear the body of daily medicine. But then he missed pizza. And good bread. And a cheeseburger on a good bun. While I am totally supportive on eating gluten free to avoid medicines I am also going with the flow. If he wants bread – I will be baking bread. I’ll be sharing my bread recipes again and putting a tab on the sidebar for bread posts.

Ok, here is a week of meals at our house!

Sunday: Beef Crescent Bake with green beans


Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Corn Chowder and Country Chicken


Country Chicken photo below


Wednesday: Bamboo House’s Hot and Sour Soup, Leftover Country Chicken


Thursday: Beef Stew, Tuscan loaf


Friday: Pizza!


Saturday: Leftover beef stew

My photos are way larger than I wanted but I am having issues with the edit feature so....hopefully week 9 of meal planning will be better, visually.

I hope you are having a good week, eating well, enjoying good temperatures and good company!


Velva said...

Hi Tina, not eating bread can be a tough for a year. Have you tried using whole grain organic breads to see if the gluten in this type of breads bother him? Some arguments have been made about gluten sensitivity outside of celiac disease is because of the highly processed flours and GMO's.

Your weekly menu sounds good. I like it!

Hope all is well with you.


Mae Travels said...

Creative menu this week! It must be a delight to be able to eat bread again. Not to mention pizza!

best... mae at

Tina said...

Thanks for the info, Velva. It was weird at first, shunning anything with gluten and you'd be surprised about where you'd find it in some foods. Like baked beans or salad dressing and, even though this wasn't an issue for us, it's in some shampoos and vitamins! Fortunately Doug doesn't have Celiac so this was a choice. I really am enjoying making bread again!

Mae, I think I missed pizza the most but there is a place called Mellow Mushroom that serves a great gluten free pizza. It's still not quite the same but it was good. My husband missed real bread :-)

Vicki said...

You're making me drool! Especially the beef stew, I've been craving some lately.

My family loves Mellow Mushroom. Some are vegan and they can eat there. Their menu is great!

Vicki said...

BTW, did you every try using cauliflower as a pizza crust?

Tina said...

Vicki, if you get a chance try the stew. It's s Cook's Illustrated recipe and the best one I have found.
Thanks for the suggestion about cauliflower but Doug has such a hatred of cauliflower that I couldn't use it. 😀 I think he despises Brussels sprouts more than cauliflower but...there you have it.

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