Bacon, Corn and Potato Chowder

I'm in Florida. Most of the year we have heat and humidity that makes us question why we don't move to a cooler locale ...but...if you have time invested at one place of employment linked to a retirement fund, that is the big decider on where to live. Can't just chuck it and move to Hawaii. So we get ourselves up, mostly on time, and drag ourselves in to work to make what we call "Bourbon and Bones Money."

Now that the whining about the heat is out of the way let me present a wonderfully rich bowl of soup. Yes, it would be better welcomed in the cool Fall months. Call me crazy but I love soup year round. No matter the temperature, I like a bowl of soup for lunch.

Look, I also made a fresh baguette to go with it.


By the way, since you need to shave the corn off the cob and we all know those kernels fly off everywhere, here is a tip. Put the pointy end of the corn in a Bundt pan. Carefully shave the kernels off and they will collect in the Bundt pan. No flying pieces of corn.


But please do be careful because I would hate to get an email telling me someone cut themselves badly. I don't always cut corn off this way but it's guaranteed you won't have a mess.

Here is a snap of everything merging and heating. It was quite lovely.


Bacon, Corn and Potato Chowder
This is a Curtis Stone recipe and I adapted it for our taste.


4 slices bacon, cut into small pieces
1 tsp butter
1 medium onion, finely chopped
2 cloves Garlic, finely chopped
2 sticks Celery, cut into small pieces
2 sprigs Thyme
2 tablespoons AP flour
1 cup Water
5 large potatoes. (Curtis called for Yukon Gold. I had baby red skinned so that's what I used), cut into small dice
1 cup broth
Almost 3 cups milk
4 cobs Sweet Corn, shave off the kernels
1 tbsp Parsley, roughly chopped


In a large saucepan, cook the bacon over medium heat for about 2 minutes. Add the butter then the onion and garlic and cook for about 4 minutes until the onion is soft.

Add the celery and thyme and cook for 4 minutes. Let the veggies get soft.

Now fold in the flour and stirring constantly, cook for about 2-3 minutes.

Stir in the broth and potato. Cook for 8 minutes, or until the potato is tender.

Add the milk and corn to the pan and increase the heat to medium high. Bring to a simmer, stirring constantly.
Once the soup has reached a rapid simmer, cook for 3 minutes or until the soup has thickened. Discard the thyme sprigs and season the soup to taste with salt and pepper.

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Zosia said...

Nothing beats a good bowl of soup with homemade bread any time of the year. Thank you for the tip about cutting the corn off the cob - I usually just call my dog into the kitchen to help clean the floor ;).

Tina said...

Zosia, I like your idea too. Our dog is always willing to help!

Vicki said...

That looks so good! I hadn't eaten soup for years but a few years ago I started craving it. I too like it all year round.

I thought Zosia's comment about her dog was funny! I don't have to call my dog, she's always wondering around trying to find food that's fallen on the floor.

JoAnn said...

This sounds amazing...can't wait to try it! Love the bundt pan idea :)

flour.ish.en said...

Corn chowder is my comfort soup of choice. Love the bundt pan tip for cutting the corn. Certainly worth a try!

Claudia said...

I find myself whining about the heat too, especially in the summer here in Hawaii. Thanks, will be using that corn tip this week for some cornbread muffins I'm making with fresh corn.

Deb in Hawaii said...

You know I fully support the soup all year round philosophy. Plus, when it's yummy corn chowder, it doesn't matter how warm it is outside! Looks delicious and thanks for sharing it with me at Souper Sundays this week! ;-)

Tina said...

Thanks for all the comments! Please be careful, my friends, cutting corn on a Bundt pan. It really does work but as I said, depending on how sharp your knife you must be careful.

I think if I could get myself organized enough we would have soup or chowder as a starter for most meals. But the time management never seems to gel with my work schedule.

kitchen flavours said...

It is hot over here too, with heat wave over the last few months, the worst in April! Thanks for the tips on cutting corn on a Bundt pan.
Your corn chowder looks delicious, corn chowder is something that I have never tried making at home!

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

I love soup too. This sounds interesting enough to try. I just buy frozen corn as we don't get good fresh corn until at least August.

jama said...

That chowder looks so good -- perfect for any time of year. Thanks for the bundt pan tip. :)

Alicia Foodycat said...

That sounds so good! I don't envy you that heat though. British weather has a terrible reputation but it mostly suits me (the snow this week was a bit silly though).

Nan said...

What a great tip!! Can't wait to try it for corn on the cob (off the cob) this summer. I'm a plain Jane when it comes to corn chowder - no milk. There's something about heated milk that makes me queasy. It seems like every climate has it goods and bads. Some have long winters, others beautiful springs, others hot summers, others warm summers.

Carole said...

That soup looks fab. I wonder if it would still be good without the garlic and onion??? Cheers from Carole's Chatter!

Molly said...

Sounds delicious! And I would have to serve the homemade baguette along side it :)

Katherine P said...

Yum! My husband likes soup year round too so I know he would love this recipe. I love heat but I understand what you mean. By the end of summer I'm ready for a bit of a break and while our summer is on the long side it's way shorter than yours! I'll definitely be trying this later!

Beth F said...

I too could eat soup all year round. I've never heard of the bundt pan trick for corn, but I'm definitely giving it a try -- what a great idea! Love the baguette too.

ostwestwind said...

We are waiting for spring in Northern Germany, last week we got snow. I would have liked your soup on those snowy days.

Mae Travels said...

That looks like a very nice soup. I cut the corn sideways on a cutting board. Special corn cutting devices exist if you like special gadgets, though I've never had one.

best... mae at

Kim said...

I do not know how anyone deals with the heat and humidity down in Florida, especially in the middle of summer. I would be hibernating indoors;) Or drinking lots of cocktails to quench my thirst!

I love a good corn chowder and this one looks delicious. Your baguette looks incredible! A perfect pairing.

Couscous & Consciousness said...

I love corn chowder, especially with plenty of bacon in it (of course, is there anything which isn't better with bacon??!!) We're well into autumn in New Zealand now, and although we are still having beautiful warm days, evening are definitely getting cooler - perfect for curling up on the sofa with a lovely bowl of this chowder. Great tip for shucking the corn by the way.

Joyce Rachel Lee-Bates said...

Corn, bacon and potato? This is a killer combo! This chowder must be a super delicious meal!

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