Quesadillas and Mojitos

Warmer temperatures means sitting on the patio, enjoying a meal and a couple of drinks. That's the way it is with us. Truth be told I needed to stop at one Mojito but common sense just didn't prevail here. They are so tasty. And yeah......I kinda paid for it the next day.


I am counting this quesadilla as a sandwich of sorts because I really and truly want to link up with Deb at Kahakai Kitchen. Don't you just love food you can eat with your hands? I love a relaxed and messy meal like this. It's just.....fun. Served with fresh avocados and black beans and rice - great flavor combos.

The cool thing about quesadillas is the number of ingredients you can use. So many different combinations of veggies, cheese and meat if you'd like it. For these I used a tiny bit of leftover shredded chicken, mozzarella cheese, sauteed onion, garlic and bell peppers.


Let's not forget the liquid refreshment. Doug uses the Bonefish Grill recipe for Mojitos and they are wonderful.


5 pieces of fresh Mint
1 ounces Simple Syrup
2 ounces Bacardi White Rum
Soda Water
Squeeze of Lime
Lime slices

The only problem with Mojitos is they are too easy to tip back. Very refreshing and tasty so I get a false sense of where to draw the line. One was enough. But I had two. That's rum soaked decision making there. If you work around quiet people that's a blessing. I don't. So...Mojitos will be a weekend thing in the future.

If anyone else made soup, sandwich or salad don't forget Deb in Hawaii has a linkup for her Souper Sunday. You don't have to post on Sunday, link is HERE.

Also linking up to Beth Fish's Weekend Cooking Series.



~~louise~~ said...

That Mojito sounds so good I wouldn't mind having one; or two right now Tina!!! Yes, it is the weekend around here:)

Okay, that quesadillas sound syummy too but, we finally had a gorgeous afternoon here in PA and it's just screaming Mojito time!!!

Thanks for sharing, Tina...

Le laquet said...

There is a soda that you can buy in the UK that is a little like a virgin monitor - http://uk.laimonfresh.com/product/ ... very refreshing, maybe the answer for the morning after!

Le laquet said...

Monitor? Mojito!

Tina said...

Louise, it's that pretty time of year in PA, I remember loving the spring temperatures and the gardens. Take it from me, stick to one mojito or space it out!

Jo, that spell check gets me every time, even I if you hadn't said mojito, I knew what you meant!

Mae Travels said...

Quesadillas are, as you say, a way to use lots of cool ingredients without excessive work. Even just cheese makes a good one. Too bad about too many mojitos!
best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Stacie said...

We love quesadilla night at our house because we can each make one to our own liking. I've always wanted to try a mojito, but haven't made one yet.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Mojitos are my favorite and so refreshing it's easy to overindulge a bit. Looks like a yummy meal.

Thanks for sharing with Souper Sundays too. Filling in a 'wrap' counts as sandwichy enough in my book. ;-)

Vicki said...

I don't drink, but those quesadillas look really good!

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

Yesterday would have been a good day for a mojito but not today, as it is raining and the temperature has dropped.

Claudia said...

A great combination, and one you can personalize with what's on hand. I'm with you on needing a limit to one Mojito, or G&T or whatever, for that matter.

Margot said...

Quesadillas are such a good solution for a quick dinner or lunch. They're so versatile and use up the smallest of leftovers. Great finger food for all ages. Our toddler grandson loves them.

Carole said...

Great times - Cheers from Carole's Chatter!

Beth F said...

Yep. I'm with everyone else -- quesadillas are awesome! And I love the idea of a quick dinner with a refreshing drink. I'm adding white rum to my shopping list; mojitos are so perfect for a warm evening (or weekend afternoon!)

(Diane) bookchickdi said...

I love quesadillas, and yours looks great. My limit is 2.5 alcoholic beverages- anything more is too much.

Nish said...

It is a little too easy to overdo it sometimes. My weakness is margharitas, and I always regret it the next day.

Pinning your mojito recipe to try out some day.

Seven Hour Lamb with White Beans <br>{ make that less than 2 hours in the Instant Pot}</br>

It's good to get back to posting about food after a short break. Next year I will be getting a flu shot; this bout knocked me for a loop...