Ouzts Too in St Marks Florida
{Oyster Bar and Grill}

It's vacation time this week. We always take off the week of our anniversary. I want to share some of the places we have visited while riding and what has been going on.

Ouzts Too. We have been meaning to try this place for quite a while. It's off the St Mark's River; a local place with colorful characters.


The prices are good and the food is excellent. It's very local......complete with a friendly and chatty oyster shucker and lots of southern decor, redneck style that is :-)


Notice all the dollar bills stapled to the wall, bar, tables and elsewhere in the photo above and this one here? If you have a dollar and want to write a message or just sign your name, the waitress will bring over a cup of colored markers and you can have at it.


Here is a little history about the place. Very interesting to read. It's a forgotten part of Florida.


I had a shrimp Po Boy and Doug had the oyster Po Boy sandwich. Both of which I neglected to photograph so I could link up with Deb at Kahakai Kitchen. Next time....

I passed this giant wooden cowboy on the way to the restroom. He had a dollar stapled to him too. Some places along the coast have giant pirates, it was nice to see a cowboy.


Here's our dollar. We stapled it to the bar and will look for it next time we ride there for oysters and beer. I saw one dollar with "Off to Coast Guard Boot Camp!!" and the date some 3 years back. I wonder if the woman is still in the Coast Guard.


Can't wait to come back here and eat oysters, mullet dip and more!


Time to gear up and head home.


The ride back home was almost punishingly hot. Hot doesn't cover it, especially when you have to sit at a traffic light on that steamy asphalt. The temperature was 100 F but I couldn't get a clear photo.

FullSizeRender (4)

By the time we got home we were ready to jump in a cold shower and let me say, that was very welcome. Our rides will mostly be in the early morning while the heat is this excessive. It's still a blast to go riding on vacation though and I look forward to many more trips.

More later!!!


Katherine P said...

I was wondering how motorcycle riding was going in this heat! It seems to have decided we had enough nice weather and we're in the 90s with a ridiculous amount of humidity. My hair is about twice it's normal size. Thank goodness for hair bands! This sounds like a fun place and I have some serious shrimp po'boy envy. Those used to be my absolute favorite but the mild tingle I always used to get on my mouth when I ate shrimp turned into full on hives and some other stuff in my late 20s so I finally had to admit I was allergic to shrimp and stop eating it. I'm still sad.

Tina said...

It has been incredibly hot, Katherine, but we have still taken a few rides. Today is rainy so I'm not sure what we will do, it may clear up. It's also our 32nd anniversary so we will most likely go out to dinner. Bummer about the shrimp. I have often wondered if I am developing an allergy as I can't touch raw shrimp. It gives me a crazy rash on my arms, legs and neck. So I can't peel raw shrimp but never had any problems eating it cooked.

Vicki said...

Another place with a lot of character(s). I'm glad you're enjoying your vacation, and I love that you tack it during your Happy Anniversary week!

Tina said...

Thanks, Vicki. Today it rained so no riding. But we are going out to Bonefish Grill tonight :-)

Le laquet said...

Ooof! That's hot and no respite from it either.
The food sounds amazing - I love the juxtaposition of hot and cold in a sandwich like that.

Tina said...

Mrs. L, it's incredibly hot! This is the time of year we think about having a pool put in but they are soooooo expensive!

Debra Eliotseats said...

Enjoy your vacay. I love little dives like this.

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