Photos from a ride down Highway 98

To our great disappointment we were unable to ride this past weekend. The temperatures were too steamy. Here is a snap of our car thermometer after we'd left it for only a half hour to shop for groceries.

Yep, that's 6:30 in the late afternoon. Lovely.


It's not the ride to our destination - it's the ride back home that's killer. By mid afternoon the heat is bad enough that if you catch a few traffic lights, you just sit and bake over that hot asphalt, willing the light to change so you can get moving.

So, here are some snaps from 2 weeks ago when we rode down 98 a ways. It's always nice to see the water.

bridge road

We ate at the Blue Parrot and stared at the Gulf water.

blue parrot

I saw some birds approaching as we rode towards home.
birds blue sky

And here they are a bit closer. Sometimes it's hard getting decent shots from the back of a motorcycle.


This is headed home. More of the same, I guess, but it's much prettier in person. Hoping next weekend we can go somewhere.

coastal road

This is the time of year we think about moving north, maybe to Tennessee. We also talk about having a pool put in but right now that is cost prohibitive. We'll see. anyway, hoping to ride and share an outing next week.

Stay cool, stay hydrated!


Velva said...

The heat has been unbearable. I can imagine the cool breeze when you are zipping along on the bike but, oh yes, sitting at the lights with the steam coming off the asphalt-not comfortable.

Take care.


Le laquet said...

Poof ... oh wait, no I'm in the UK so it's grey and damp.

Le laquet said...

Wait don't forget windy!

Tina said...

Thanks, Velva. We are looking at this upcoming weekend and it still looks hot. If we stay out of the city traffic it may not be bad.

Jo, I think at this very moment, we would rather be with you. I guess no one is ever completed satisfied with their weather. Unless we all meet in Dpain. That would be incredible..

Vicki said...

Yes, the heat is overwhelming.

Your photos are all beautiful, and I think you do an awesome job of shooting from the bike.

Tina said...

Thank you, Vicki! I am looking forward to wearing my jackets again. C'mon Fall weather!

Jo, I meant SPAIN.

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