We saw our first Pokemon Go player, just wandering around a local park......oblivious to his surroundings.

The things I have been reading in the news lately about Pokemon Go are astounding. It's gotten dangerous for some players as they are oblivious to their surroundings. Be careful out there, folks!

We were walking Aja at a local park when this guy heads down the path towards us. He stops short of approaching us, almost as if he is waiting on us to move on. I know he can't be scared of our dog - I mean, have you seen her? She's not large or threatening. She's friendly to a fault and would love to accept an ear rub if one was so inclined.


All of a sudden this guy is moving his phone around, looking across the lake, looking back at his phone and starts walking without looking up. I ask you, what could possibly go wrong here?

poke hunter

I posted the photo below on Instagram - this is a massive Cottonmouth we saw just last month.

In this park.

And this guy is walking without looking at his surroundings. Should we have warned him? Nah....let him get a Darwin Award. It should be noted several people have reported this snake sunning here and they are trying to relocate it, get it away from the playground area.


So....I thought it was interesting to see one of the players and wanted to share. All the crazy things I have been reading in the news about Pokemon activities astound me. There have been accidents and deaths and rude behavior. Why would you walk through a funeral at Arlington Cemetery? Try and get inside someone's residence at 3 a.m. or drive while playing?

If you are a fan of this game please pay attention to your surroundings - For your sake and those of us who are innocently driving down the road.

Here are a few stories that made news:

Teen killed while trespassing, Trying to get into residence

Florida teens shot at while playing Pokemon Go. They were mistaken for burglers because of their behavior.

This guy hit tree!
7/11-Traffic accident: Illegally parked car struck from behind (*Airbags deployed in 2nd car). 1st driver had exited to catch a Pokémon.


Vicki said...

Aja is adorable. Pokemon Go is definitely a dangerous game. I thought about joining for about a half second and then all the accidents started hitting the news. No thank you.

Tina said...

Vicki, we saw two more players, same park, just last night. But these guys were together, talking and walking so it wasn't a tunnel vision sort of walk. It's funny watching people use their phones like a water diviner, HA....like that doesn't make me sound old!

Katherine P said...

Aja looks like such a sweetie! I've seen those in zombie mode but I don't really understand it. We've been playing it here and it is addictive but your phone alerts you if there's a Pokemon close and it really isn't a game that you have to stare at your phone. Suddenly stopping for a few seconds - yes. Walk off a cliff or onto a cottonmouth - not so much. Most of the players I've seen (including us) are interacting with the other players around us or enjoying exploring but there are always a few who have to screw stuff up for everyone!

Tina said...

Thanks, Katherine, we sure spoil our Aja. Probably more so since her mate died last year.
That's great you are playing with other people and I know most folks have common sense, I hope so, but this guy was wondering around th out any thought to where he was going. We saw two other guys yesterday but they were talking and interacting. I read it's getting people outside more.

Heather said...

there is nothing dangerous about the game, it's the obsessed players. It is a fun game, we\ve been out a bit in our area playing. I suspect the same people who are acting foolishly while playing are the same people who text while driving and walking, who eat drippy burgers while driving and other such poor behaviour. Don't blame the game please. Think of how many kids and adults are being pulled away from their sofas to walk around and get exercise while playing. They should be in pairs, one person playing and the other holding the lease to keep the first out of trouble. :)

Tina said...

Heather, I didn't mean to strike a nerve, I was reporting that I saw our first player who WAS oblivious to his surroundings. I'm seeing news stories all the time about people getting hurt and yes, they probably are the same who display poor driving skills, never mind the game. Today I read people in Bosnia are being warned about the game because of mine fields!

I don't care who plays this game and if they benefit from getting outside because they never got out before, that's fantastic. This guy we saw the other day was a prime example of a news story waiting to happen.

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