BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches

Have you ever heard of Jackfruit?  Until a week ago I had never heard of it.  Someone posted a week's worth of vegetarian meals and when the photo of a Jackfruit sandwich came up, I immediately thought - that's pork!

It's a giant fruit grown in Asia and some can get as large as 100 pounds.

Behold my sandwich made with Jackfruit.  Don't you think it looks like pork?  It has a very similar texture to meat, and well....pork in particular.


If you are a vegetarian (or a vegan ) and abhor the texture of meat, even TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) then you won't like this.  But if you routinely add a TVP, or like that texture, you may like this.


It comes refrigerated and suggests you use within 5 days of opening the package.  Did we like it?  Well, we don't like very spicy food and I neglected to check the full list of ingredients, too much red pepper spice for us.  I was expecting a plain BBQ type sauce.

I am willing to try other sauces on Jackfruit but overall, I think we satisfied our curiosity.  If you'd like to read more check out the company HERE.

I will be joining Deb at Kahakai Kitchen for her Souper Sunday series. This week's linkup may be found HERE.



Velva said...

I have never experimented with jackfruit. I think by your post its not the best alternative for a good pork sandwich (laugh).

Hope you are doing well!


Deb in Hawaii said...

I have eaten jackfruit before in place of meet but I have not cooked with it yet. Your sandwich looks good. I wouldn't think from the description on the label that it would be spicy--sorry that you didn't enjoy it more.

Thanks for sharing with Souper Sundays this week! ;-)

~~louise~~ said...

HI Tina:)
Can't say that I've ever had Jackfruit. It looks like something I should have tried. Maybe if I see it one day I'll give it a go, you know I'm getting kinda adventurous in my "old" married days, lol...

Thank you so much for your sweet words Tina...We are doing okay in our corner of the world and I find your words quite inspiring. Thank you. I didn't realize you were a 2 timer, my word, talk about determination! Good for you!!!

Mike and I will be taking the camper out on another trip shortly, you just never know, I may wind up down south one day, lol...

Stay well my friend and keep that adventurous spirit of yours exploring...Louise

Mae Travels said...

Jackfruit as a frozen commodity is new to me -- I wonder if you would prefer the fresh version. I don't recall ever tasting it, though I think I have seen it in tropical markets. You didn't exactly inspire my curiosity about this packaged version. Just wondering: did you get it as a free sample, or did you actually hear of it and purchase it?

best... mae at

Vicki said...

I haven't heard of this that I can remember, and I can't remember seeing it while checking out the vegetarian/vegan sections of the stores I frequent, but I bet my vegan son and his family would like it. I'll be on the lookout for it.

~~louise~~ said...

Hey Tina, I actually saw this in Wegman's today and thought of you. I just couldn't bring myself to buy it though since I was on a organic veggie mission for juicing. I've been eating a tremendous amount of veggies these days, maybe next time.

BTW, It was nice thinking of you even if it was after seeing that Jackfruit package, lol...Enjoy and thanks...

Tina said...

Hi everyone! I did want to try this Jackfruit after seeing it posted on another blog. It was a site with vegetarian meals and I thought, sure I'll try it.

The consistency was a little different from meat but it was fine. I think I will try the Teriyaki version when I get it again, like I said the spicy red pepper was a bit much for our liking.

Mae, I don't know if we have fresh Jackfruit here in our markets, but I will look.
Louise, sounds like you are getting some fruits and veggies, we are doing the same these days. We have had mostly vegetarian meals as of late, maybe I'll lose weight!

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