We didn't hit a deer

We have had quite a bit of rain lately. As luck would have it, last Saturday the weather cooperated so we were able to take a ride. Yes! It had been a while since our last ride due to rotten weather. Instead of heading toward congested areas, especially with the Christmas shoppers driving about, we chose a long rural road and headed towards Sopchoppy. It's always nice to go on long stretches of country road and see hale bales, cows and pastures.


Important event: There is a very small white tailed deer alive today thanks to Doug's riding skills. We are headed out of Sopchoppy picking up good speed when we crossed paths. Well, it was alive on Saturday, just after running in front of the trike !

Doug said if it hadn't slipped in the mud on the side of he road, it would have most certainly collided with the trike's front wheel and all three of us would have been in trouble. He watched it slip and skid then skitter straight out in the road- this was all processed in seconds. As the little deer slipped across the road, trying to run (I think it injured itself when it fell), I heard and smelled brakes, then saw the terrified look in the deer's eye. The fine tan hairs on it's face were easily defined - yes, that close. Thankfully Doug reacted quickly and skillfully.

Before that encounter we walked around the three blocks of town. Here is a unique door bell of sorts. It appeared someone lived in store that was on Main Street, such as it was. There was paper taped up in the large display windows but it looked as if someone had taken up residence there.


Sopchoppy Pizza is the only place to dine and yes, that is a large gorilla standing sentinel outside. The point was getting a ride in, not a meal destination after all.



Here is a display set up in front of the Chamber of Commerce. The figures honor our veterans and aren't life sized but fairly large all the same.


And.....that's all there was to see. So, we headed home, had that deer encounter, arrived home in time so Aja could get some afternoon sun. Had coffee then relaxed and read a bit.


I have some nice photos to share from our recent experience at Habanas restaurant in Tallahassee. Great Cuban cuisine at reasonable prices. Next time...........


Vicki said...

I've always wanted to visit Sopchoppy. Now I feel like I have :)

Deer encounters are scary. One hit the back of my daughter's truck a while back. Scared her and my grandkids really bad. Thankfully it just dented the truck and didn't cause them to wreck.

Glad Doug is such an alert and good driver, it could have been really bad.

Velva said...

So fortunate the white tail deer did not collide with the bike-oh my! Glad you got out on the bike and enjoyed a beautiful ride south. Weather is finally getting cold. Yay!

Merry Christmas!

Tina said...

Thanks, Vicki, I am always glad to share our rides. Yes, deer encounters are very scary!

Merry Christmas, Velva!

Le laquet said...

That is a fantastic name for a town.
The year I lived near Bordeaux (lots of long straight roads bordered with forests and loads of deer) we had a plastic thingummy on the car that the wind ran through and made a high pitched whistling sound to scare them away. Glad you're safe - well done Doug!

Tina said...

I like it to, Mrs. L, and yes....deer encounters can be scary!

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