Rain and food and yarn


Last weekend the weather was absolute pants. The term heavy rain doesn't even begin to cover it. As luck would have it, Doug had planned to deliver a telescope mount to someone in Crestview, about 120 miles from our home.  We didn't know the weather would take such an awful turn.

Have you ever driven in heavy rain and wind?  It makes you tense.  There are the drivers going way too slow (and yes, you should slow down in the rain but some were creeping along at ridiculously slow speeds).  Anyway, the delivery was made and we were ravenous by the time that was done.

We found a Mexican place called  La Rumba and it was excellent.  Had I not been so hungry I wouldn't have attacked the complimentary chips as I did and dessert would have been an option, Alas.

We both had a vegetarian platter with cheese enchiladas, bean burrito and a chalupa.  So filling...we were stuffed so, had to pass on those yummy desserts they displayed on the way in.


On the way home the rain picked up, didn't think that was possible.  It was much heavier and was coming down so fast and hard that we hydroplaned over several lanes on the interstate, sliding sideways into the muddy median. I think it's good that it was muddy - once the vehicle started sliding, the mud built up a wall on the driver's side tires, thus keeping us from rolling. Very scary!

Mud and grass washed across the windshield just as we came to a rest.  My husband is a wonderful driver - I don't think I would have handled it as well.


So for the record, I our Subaru Forester! Love the all-wheel drive and whatever that system is that takes over and reduces engine power when it senses you are out of control.  Once we have this paid off and we are officially retired (a few years yet) we want a Subaru Outback.  Dreaming.....

Meals we have enjoyed - nothing fancy, it's all fuss-free dining at our place.

Enchiladas on the patio.  With wine.  And candles. Yes, we had better weather last week and managed a meal outside.  It was lovely.

This is a Broccoli Mac and Cheese casserole with a boiled egg (for protein).  The evening before we had roasted salmon with the mac & cheese but since it was all gone, we had the accompanying egg.

Scallops braised in butter and garlic. I learned something about cooking scallops recently.  A few times I had a nice browned edge to them and other times, they stayed the milky white color.  Evidently if you let them sit out a bit they will brown better.  The times I took them directly from the fridge and put them in a pan they didn't brown.  A cool scallop fact and lesson.


Last but not least, I have acquired a small loom and I am hoping to make hats. It's been fun so far, once I figured out the directions. My progress .... So far 😉



That's about it for these parts. Nothing exciting going on. The break from social media has been good so no regrets there.

Hope all is well in your world!


Le laquet said...

I did not know that about scallops! Fascinating what you learn during your cooking career.

So glad that you're both safe!

Mae Travels said...

Good to hear that you were saved by your Subaru! We also drive a Subaru. Hope we don't need the kind of help it gave you!

best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Tina said...

Jo, I'm not sure where I came across that fact about scallops, but it works!

Thank you, Mae, I don't think I ant any other vehicle now, ever!

Vicki said...

We didn't have that much rain in our part of Florida, but we sure had a lot of wind.

I love Mexican food!

Since my husband was in a wheelchair, we always had a van and most of them were 4 wheel drive. Now I have a 4 wheel drive Ford Explorer and I love it!

I think I've only had scallops once, maybe.

I need to start doing something crafty. It would give me a lot more audio book time.

Velva said...

What a wicked storm that passed through here Sunday morning-whoa! I can imagine the driving westward right into its path. Glad all is well and you enjoyed a good meal too.


Tina said...

Vicki, that's a great idea about audio books if you are working something crafty. Doug and I usually listen to music. I can concentrate on crocheting with music and still talk. I also love Mexican fod, especially lately.

Velva, Thanks much! It was an exciting trip we don't want tom repeat :-) The meal was great and I am looking forward to the weekend now.

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