Crab Cakes, Books and Daylight Savings Time

First off, a shout to our friend Jo across the ocean.  Losing her husband and now a dear friend all within 3 months is horrible.  Please keep her in your thoughts. Let 2017 get  better for us all now.
Lots of 's to you Jo.

Today it's rainy and gloomy. It's also the first day of the time change, well...the first day we had to get up and go to work, feeling as if we missed an hour of sleep. It always takes us a few days to get used to that hour adjustment.  Aja thinks she is getting fed early so I don't think she minds it at all.

I finished up with the book Dinner with Edward.  It is the featured book at Cook the Books.  Do you want to join in and read the book then make an inspired meal?  There is still time. You need to post by March 31st.  My review is HERE and the meal photos are below.

Great meal and actually not too difficult.  It's more of a planning thing, allowing the time for the crab to firm up in the fridge.


Big chunks of crab in these cakes, lovingly coated in Panko.  Doug made the cheese grits and opened the wine while and I made a baguette and the crab cakes.


I have now moved on to Stephen King's book 11/22/63 and I am completely absorbed.  It's about a wormhole where you go back to 1958.  No matter how long you stay in the past, be it 10 minutes or 3 months, only 2 minutes have passed when you return to your time.  There are many components of this book to talk about but one big goal is to prevent the Kennedy assassination in Dallas.

Be warned, it's a fattie of 879 pages.  I am almost to page 300. My stack of books is a big one so I am not sure what I will focus on next.

Currently I am blocked at the library because I didn't turn in Ray Donovan (season 4 ) by the due date.  I can't stand it when I am blocked, love the library site.  But they open again on Tuesday and I will be back in business,  We just checked out Hacksaw Ridge (prior to being blocked) so we will watch it sometime this week.


Gardening plans just didn't get going....again.  But we are supposed to get freezing temperatures again, a low of 32 this Wednesday, so good thing the tomatoes weren't planted.  This year we are getting bags of manure and compost, hopefully we will get a good garden again.

That's it for me today.


Stacy said...

I really enjoyed 11/22/63. I still have a few episodes left of the tv show. I think it's not quite as good, but worth checking out after reading. Now I'm pondering crab cakes, and I never ponder crab cakes. Cheese grits for sure, though!

Tina said...

Stacy, I didn't realize there was a television show. I need to finish reading the book before checking it out. I ought to post the recipe for the cakes, you would love 'em!

Le laquet said...

Crab cakes! If I come visit will you make crab cakes?
Jo x

Tina said...

Jo, absolutely! And Doug will make cheese grits 😉

Seven Hour Lamb with White Beans <br>{ make that less than 2 hours in the Instant Pot}</br>

It's good to get back to posting about food after a short break. Next year I will be getting a flu shot; this bout knocked me for a loop...