This isn't about being hero. It's about surviving an unimaginable tragedy.
{Sharing an informative safety video today.}

Instead of food, books or ramblings I would like to share an informative video that I saw in a training session at work a few weeks ago. The training was about active shooters and how to react. It’s called Run, Hide, Fight and was produced by Homeland Security  & a funded grant.

 Maybe you don’t like firearms. Maybe you don’t like to read or hear about horrific events that seem to dominate our news today but….I would ask you to watch this interesting video.  As much as we read and hear about an active shooter in a workplace, on a campus or at a public venue……….. do you ever think about a plan of action if you were caught in such a horrible scenario?

 Our excellent instructor talked to us about brain mapping. The things we watched and were taught in class will float around in our brain and we will remember some of these good tactics.

This isn't about being hero.  It's about surviving an unimaginable tragedy. You will have to watch the video to see what I mean. This is something I hope none of us ever need to deal with but what a world we live in today. I thought our class was excellent and if you could see the instructor and some of the other videos he shared you would be impressed.


So.....did you click on the video and watch?  What are your thoughts? For starters I think it's a sad society we live in today that such a video needs to be produced.   Sad we had mandatory training at work for such a scenario.  Awful that children have drills to react if their school security is breached.

The training was good and I just wanted to share part of it.  Again, it's not about being the's about surviving an event.  Please share this if you you'd like.  Better to have that info stored in your brain and hope you never need it.

That's my public service announcement for March.


Vicki said...

Thanks for sharing this video!

Tina said...

I'm not sure what my course of action would be if this happened but watching this video gave us some good training. The noire class was great. Please share with anyone you'd like.

Debra Eliotseats said...

In my job, we run both intruder drills and lock-down drills four times a year. We've had law enforcement do active shooter drills in our school, too, but after hours.

It is a sad comment....

Katherine P said...

That's a really helpful video and I like that while it's grim it's not melodramatic. The high school showed a similar video while the older kids were there and I assume they still do. For the elementary school they have intruder drills regularly and the security is pretty tight just to get in. It's scary that it has to be that way now but I'm glad they're as prepared as possible. We had a rash of break ins in my area not too long ago and there was one across the street while I was home that was pretty scary so we went over a few plans just in case it happens here since I'm frequently home by myself during the day and at the time I was home by myself with an infant.

Tina said...

Debra, I am glad to hear your students are trained though. It's that mind mapping that will kick in if such an unfortunate situation arises. Sad days indeed when we need to think of things like this.

Katherine, I wasn't sure they did this for elementary students. Always be prepared and never need it, right? Like insurance.

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