Aja's dental day

Aja had to get her teeth cleaned on Thursday.   We worry about her being under anesthetics for too long as she's an old girl of 15 but she did very well.  The photo on the left is her enjoying the pre-anesthesia.  Probably humming  a Dire Straits tune, she's a big fan of Mark Knopfler.

The second photo captures her slowly waking up.  She came out of the anesthesia well but look at her!  She's a groggy old gal.  Aja needed 2 extractions as those teeth were loose.  That's a danger should a piece break off and she swallows it.



Much thanks to Breanne at Cumberland Animal Clinic for sending me those photos.  We love everyone at Cumberland and so does Aja.  If your pet pulls to get inside of your vet's office then you know it's a good place and they are well treated.

Here is some information about dental cleanings and why they are important, click HERE

Here is one of my favorite snaps of Aja, smiling and showing her pretty teeth. Yep, she's spoiled. As all pets should be :-)



Vicki said...

Aja is a beauty, even when she's a bit loopy! I love the people at my vet office too, and so does Kaiyo at times, it depends on what they're doing.
She's still a bit skittish around other people.

Tina said...

Thank you, Vicki. Aja loves her vet's office. I can understand why Kaiyo can be nervous now and then. I'm happy you two found each other. Take care down there, Irma seems to be on the way. Hope you and your family are safe.

Katherine P said...

Such a pretty girl! Love the groggy picture! We've had to do a few dental extractions with my dog and now that she's getting older (12) anesthesia is definitely becoming more of a concern. Glad Aja cam through with flying colors!

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