Nigella's Chowder with Asian Flavors

Happy Friday!!!!

Books, movies and cooking.  That's what we have been involved with here.  I posted about the British movie nights we have enjoyed at Novel Meals here.  As for books, I'm thoroughly enjoying A Year in the Life of the Yorkshire Shepherdess by Amanda Owen and have ordered the first book she wrote.  Next I will probably get on book 4 of the Frieda Klein series by Nicci French.  I'd like to finish up the series before summer and only have four books to go.

Cooking - I've been doing a bit of Italian cooking with stuffed shells and lasagna but recently wanted to make a chowder.  No tomatoes or sauce, need to give it a break.

Nigella Lawson has been one of my very favorites cooks for years.  The Nigella Express cookbook gets quite a bit of use and at one time, I was determined to make every single recipe in that cookbook.

I'm not sure when I let that mission go by the wayside did.  Skimming through that cookbook again had me motivated so, I choose this chowder thick with cod and potatoes.  We'll see if I want to tackle more of this book.  There are many old favorites in there.

Nigella's Chowder with Asian Flavors


Chardonnay works a treat with this meal.  We both like salt and lots of ground black pepper in chowders so you'll see flacks of pepper in our soup bowls.


Nigella's Chowder with Asian Flavors


  • 3 cups chicken or vegetable  broth
  • 1 pound baking potatoes (peeled and cut into  ¼ inch cubes
  • 4 ounces baby leeks (cut into ½ inch slices)
  • 4 ounces baby sweetcorn (cut into  ¼ inch slices)
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 teaspoon ground mace
  • 14 fluid ounces can coconut milk
  • 20 ounces skinless smoked cod fillets (cut into 1 inch cubes)
  • ¼ cup lime juice
  • 8 ounces small or medium frozen shrimp (I left this out)
  • 1½ cups canned sweetcorn kernels,drained(I used fresh corn)
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt flakes (or ½ teaspoon table salt)
  • 1 long fresh red chile pepper (deseeded and finely chopped)


  1. Bring the stock to the boil in a medium-sized pan. Cook the chopped potatoes, leeks and baby corn in the stock with the bay leaves and mace for about 10 minutes or until tender.
  2. Add the coconut milk, chopped smoked fish and the lime juice. Bring the pan back to the boil and let it simmer for a minute or so.
  3. Tip in the shrimp (if using them) and sweetcorn and once again let it come back to the boil to heat them through. Season with the salt and then serve.
  4. Decorate each bowl with some chopped chilli.
I'd definitely make this again, it was hearty enough with bread as an accompaniment and made so much we had lunch the next day. Nigella never disappoints me. 

Linking up with  Beth Fish's Weekend Cooking Series and with Deb at Kahakai Kitchen for Souper Sunday this week.  Here post and yummy Cure-All Lentil soup may be found Here - check it out!

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Mae Travels said...

Smoked cod is a new item to me -- I don't think I've ever seen it! But the flavor profile of that recipe is very attractive. I have been meaning to find a coconut milk soup with Thai flavors!

best... mae at

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I’m also working on cooking Italian in prep for our trip to Rome and Tuscany this May. I’ve been mostly trying pizza-ish meals, but soups are always wonderful, I think. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

Judee Algazi said...

I love soup- but have never tried cod in soup. sounds interesting

Beth F said...

This cod chowder with coconut milk sounds awesome. My husband is lactose intolerant, so this non-dairy version is going on our list. I love Nigella!

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

Nigella was in Toronto last weekend during the ice storm. If I had known I would have gone. I found out after the event via a Toronto blogger.

I have plans to make a chowder soon and will try this one as I love Asian flavours. Will have to use another white fish as my husband has an irrational dislike of cod.

Vicki said...

I'm not a fan of most fish but do like cod. My son loves chowder.

Carole said...

Haven't done a chowder for yonks... hmmm... Cheers

Deb in Hawaii said...

How have I not made this Nigella chowder?1 It looks delicious. ;-)
Thanks for sharing it at Souper Sundays!

Katherine P said...

I just looked and I have this cookbook and you've gotten me inspired to pull it out again and look through it. This one isn't for me - the shrimp wants to kill me and my husband is convinced that all things coconut are evil - but I do remember really loving this book when I got it. I think I need A Year in the Life of the Yorkshire Shepherdess. That sounds like a fun read!

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