Wednesday, September 05, 2018

In My Kitchen - September 2018

These past few months I have enjoyed seeing posts for an event called In My Kitchen hosted at Sherry's Pickings.  I first noticed them at Mae's Food Blog and Eliot's Eats, two sites I enjoy reading when I can get a connection to the Internet.  This time, I thought I would join in.

Cookbooks - I am slowly going through cookbooks ( as well as all the other books) and figuring out what can stay and what is headed out to the library donation box,  If we move I want less to pack.  If we don't move I want less clutter.  I wrote about that HERE.  Many of these pictured won't be leaving :-) but I have many more!


Recipe Book Project: This is a recipe booklet I am making to send to our son who recently moved to Nebraska. As I do with some of my recipes, I placed them in a clear protective sheet and popped them in a binder. You can pull one out and if liquid gets on the page, you can just wipe it clean. I have been selecting recipes he had enjoyed in the past when he lived home.

  recipe book

Farmer's Market pasta is a quick and easy fix when I don't know what we can have for dinner.   Take any vegetables on hand and saute in a bit of olive oil.  Once they are soft add a tablespoon or so of A/P flour and stir to coat the veggies, then add half-n-half or milk until it's creamy.  This time I used asparagus, garlic, red bell pepper, onion, mushrooms and green beans.  After the sauce was made I drizzled a few teaspoons of honey.  Served over thin spaghetti and this makes a healthy filling meal.


New place mats! These blue circled pattern mats were on clearance at World Market so I thought I would pick them up.  Love 'em.
The material is jute, very nice, so I will have to go and check and see if they have more.

IMK4     IMK5

Revolving Spice Rack - This is a handy Lazy Susan style storage place for dried spices.  It's on a shelf right near the stove so I can easily grab what I need. The Badia label has the best containers as you can clean them out and make your own rubs or mixtures for storage.  There is one in the bottom right corner with a white label.  That one had a rub for pork roast.


It's been fun participating in the In My Kitchen event - thanks Sherry!

Check out this month's In My kitchen event at Sherry's Pickings HERE.
Also linking up with  Beth Fish's Weekend Cooking Series



Vicki said...

I'm going through all my books and deciding what to keep. We're going to be downsizing and it's ridiculous how many books I have. I have a collection of cookbooks too. I love the recipe book project for your son!

Mae Travels said...

Decluttering is a wearisome prospect -- especially when books are involved. We did a big attic remodel and the amount of stored-up stuff was horrendous, especially books and old furniture. It's so much nicer now. I'm sure you'll be rewarded for your efforts, by being able to enjoy your emptier rooms.

best... mae at

Debra Eliotseats said...

And, here you are! :) It's fun to post up on IMK but I may have a new addiction---find clever things to include in the next month's post and I do NOT need anymore clutter! (I have got to go through my cookb0oks, too!)

francesca said...

Welcome to IMK. It's a great spot to share kitchen inspiration.

Jen Rose said...

Welcome to the In My Kitchen gang. It really is a fun group. I really love your recipe book idea. We've started teaching our eldest son how to cook to prepare him for when he leaves home but I hadn't worked out what to do with the recipes he learns. That looks like a very practical solution! =)

Beth F said...

What a fun post. I too need to declutter. Especially the books. I got rid of TONS of cookbooks a few years ago but I really need to be more ruthless.

Judee Algazi said...

It's so hard for me to let go of cookbooks and food magazines ! But it does feel better when there is less clutter and truthfully, I rarely use them anymore.

Claudia said...

Less clutter is good for the soul! I brought a bunch of books to the used bookstore, and kept myself from using my credit. What a thoughtful, useful gift that recipe binder for your son was. Looks like it took time to put together.

Cecelia said...

One of my favorite things about my sister-in-law is that she asked for family recipes that my brother liked before she married him. And she makes a couple of "my" family's standards for him regularly. I think it's wonderful that you're putting together a recipe booklet for your son!

Katherine P said...

Oh I need to do this! I've gone through my cookbooks sometimes and decluttered but it's never been very many. I need to go through and be brutal because I have soooooo many that I know I don't use. I love the recipe book! I need to do that for my girls and really do one for myself so I'm not having to dig out a specific recipe from all the piles! Those place mats are so pretty! I really think I need to get some to try. I think it'd make my table prettier and it'd keep it cleaner too!

Shaheen said...

I am one of those people who collects cokbooks, but it has hit me that I have too many now and have to stop. So I am slowly parting with those that I know will not be used by me again, or ever. I do like the spice revolving shelf, nifty gadget. Nice to make your acquaintance through IMK and SSS

sherry said...

i was just thinking this morning about how much stuff we have in our house including many many books! eek! some poor schmuck is going to have to clean it out when we're dead and buried. Thanks so much for joining in IMK; always fabulous to have new blood.:) Those place mats are very pretty, and your pasta meal sounds quick and easy. cheers sherry

The Napoli Alert said...

I did a cookbook clean out a couple of years ago. Any book where I would make less than five recipes went to the charity shop! These days there is so much online, plus our local library has an amazing cookbook section, so I buy a lot less than I used to.

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