Thursday, October 17, 2019

Camping, watching, improvements and reading

Seems ages since I did an update type post. Our meals have mostly been repeats of favorites or lots of grilled fish so....nothing exciting to share on that front.  I have taken a short hiatus off Instagram so if you noticed I disappeared, that's why.  Instagram is sleeping right now.

Watching/ Not a lot of TV for us lately.  We did get two non fiction space programs which we enjoyed very much. Apollo was great and used real footage from the missions.  It even has that clip with Walter Cronkite speechless. Astronaut Pam looks like a children's video but it isn't.  It focuses on retired USAF colonel Pam Melroy and she does an excellent job of explaining about the training involved to be an astronaut.  It was very interesting.  Watching them train underwater was amazing.

mov3 mov1

The library also had a series called The Rookie. We are fans of Nathan Fillion so that was fun to watch.


Repairs and improvements/ Our upstairs tub and shower has needed replacing for a long time. Finally - it's done. It's very nice too.

The Before photo....well, it didn't look like this when we were using it.  This is mid way during the tear down stage.


The After photo.  Wow - so much room!


Speaking of repairs, our electrical power pole fell over. Actually it rotted and fell after a heavy rain. The pole is about 40 years old (our house is old) and it gave out.  The lines were on the ground so the local electrical company came out and attached those a tree for now.  Otherwise they'd have to cut the utilities as it wouldn't be safe. Niiice.  An electrician is supposed to come give us an estimate for the new pole and burying the lines.

power line

Camping/ We are meant to be heading to Henderson State park near Destin Florida but we will see what goes on with the tropical system headed our way.  Hopefully it will pass.


That's it for now.  Hope all is well in your world.


  1. I was just thinking about you... the storm is now named Nestor and it looks like it's heading your way, Stay safe!

  2. Thanks, JoAnn. I think it’s fizzling out but I also think we will get a little rain on our camping trip in the panhandle!

  3. Oh wow! That bathroom renovation looks great! We've got a similar situation but I'm terrified to attempt it at the moment. Hopefully the tropical storm passed you by? Apollo Missions to the Moon is one we watched not that long ago and really enjoyed it. Now I need to go check out Astronaut Pam. I definitely would have thought it was a kid's movie without your mention. I hope you're having a lovely week!

  4. Besides my blogging funk, I have been very lax in commenting. I think I need to step away from all the "gotta make a new recipe, gotta post it" mindset and perhaps just write. Enjoyed the post!

  5. We need to do our bathroom too. I like your shower---right now there is a bathtub one has to step over to take a shower. I HATE to say this, but the older we get the more we might need a walk-in shower like that.
    It looks nice.
    Hope your camping trip was uneventful--weather wise.

  6. I wonder if that was same storm that caught us all the way up in Maine.

    Love the space programs you watched; I'll have to see if I can get them here.

    Yay on a shiny new shower!!!

  7. Katherine, I think you'd like Astronaut Pam. It was very informative. Bath Fitters did your shower, by the way.

    Debra, I think it was the same for me. I would plan some new recipes and the time frame for joining in would pass. Plus I'm lazy :-)

    Debbie, I understand completely. The upstairs tub should never have been a tub sort, it was meant for a walk in shower. Its nice. As we are 63 our joints aren't as flexible as they used t be so...I get ya!

    BFR - That storm system bothered an awful lot of people! It was probably the same one.


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