Tropical Storm Fay

It didn't seem we would get much rain or wind from this one. Wow...there are branches and large limbs down around the house. The field isn't underwater but there is plenty of standing water. It's now almost noon on Saturday morning and we have been without electricity since 7 p.m. last night. It was a bit hot for sleeping but we did manage to sleep.

Yesterday was also Kobe's birthday. Poor little guy didn't have the celebration I planned. I had Kongs stuffed with peanut butter gelling in the freezer. We were going to have pizza and watch A Knight's Tale but alas......the electricity went out. Then, dopes that we are, we braved the very windy and rainy weather and cruised down to Great Wall Chinese take away. We ate by candlelight. Then we just sat around talking before retiring to bed early.

At present I am typing from work because Doug had to come in to give the Emergency Operation Center an update on hurricane deaths. He has a very cool job...until you have to risk life and limb and drive in a monsoon to see how many people have bit the dust in car accidents and drownings. As I look out in the almost empty parking lot I see sheets of rain waving like vertical cellophane. At least here we have electricity and can charge up the cell phones, computers and get a shower.

During breakfast at the truck stop this morning I told Doug I wanted to try at least one of the things on that list of this payday. Either the dirty gin martini or one of the Indian food items. We'll see.

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