Another head - Hextall has not retired yet

Why we call it Squirrel Head Manor........ is the squirrel in a before shot. He was also in the tree but this may not have been the same one because we are lousy with squirrels here.

Pleased with himself. He may be old and not as good as he once was.....but he still hunts. Actually Doug and I wondered if this one didn't just fall in his mouth or they ran into each other running across the field. Knocking each other senseless.

Definitely an after shot.....note the surgical precision of the cuts. He butchered it like he had a Global knife in his furry gray mitt. And he always, always leaves the head.

This has been going on for years but Hextall is in pre-retirement zone now. We don't find things like this as often anymore. And the heads aren't always squirrels...we've also had rabbit faces adorning the steps. The worst one was the rat. Oh my god, this rat was so big we thought Hexie had actually gotten a baby possum. That was before we had 4 acres cleared. Gives me shivers to think of rats that big.

I used a shovel to scoop up the rat head and put it on a large stump away from the house. Sort of like a warning to other rats that might come this way. This isn't Redwall guys...turn around now. Seemed to work. Now we only see living squirrels, rabbits, deer, fox, and the rare siting of the bobcats and coyotes.

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