Picadillo and Basil cell carcinoma

Green peppers, onion and garlic. Check out the wicked Global knife.

Alice White Chardonnay is affordable and nice cooking wine. Meats are browning...

For the pleasant stuff we had picadillo last night. As usual, I meant to take a shot of the final product in all its glory of browned meat, surrounded by rice, Cuban bread and plantains. But I only have the prep shots.

Softening the garlic, onion and green pepper in olive oil gives you time to assemble all the other goodies. Then toss the meat over the softened veggies, browning the meat and chopping finely - a good mix of beef and pork is best. After that, drain off the fat. Add tomato sauce with oregano and basil, salt and pepper and white wine to suit your taste. Also chopped green olives. Love those.

While this simmers cook the rice, black beans and touch of fresh lime and the plantains. A Cuban loaf goes very well with this for sopping up juices.

Went to the doctor today becasue of a suspicious spot on my nose. Wow - I was glad I went because I had precancer spots on my arms and back; they were frozen off by a shot of liquid nitrogen. It's freezing and burns all at once. Odd sensation. Then I got a needle in the nose for a numbing effect. This was just discomfort but not pain. A biopsy was done and now I'm sporting a very unflattering bandage on my nose. My son says HAha...as I expected...so now I know I'm not dying :)

Otherwise an uneventful day.

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