St George Island trip

Doug and Tina outside the Blue Parrot

Tristan and Katie

Doug has been wanting to take me along on rides so I went helmet shopping. Over the course of a few weeks we looked at a couple of local shops, tried to get a helmet to fit; I got mad, or discouraged, because none I tried seemed to fit correctly. Or they didn't have my size.
One guy told me I needed to buy new glasses or get contact lens! That irritated me...but I have a low threshold for poor customer service. Oh, the customer service story....I'm standing in front of shelves of helmets trying to decide which one to try and a salesperson comes out and asks, Do you need any help?
I state (the obvious) I'm looking for a helmet. He says, There you go, pointing at the shelves which I am already, clearly, looking at..thank you so much.

No luck until I got to the Harley Davidson dealership where I had the best customer service. Long story short, I have a nice modular helmet that fits well and will protect my hard head and jaw if I take a tumble.

Our first ride was just a test to see if Doug could tow me Ok and it went very well. We rode into Quincy and then through Attapulgus Georgia before heading home. It was a blast...soooo much fun. The next day we went to St. George Island with Tristan and his friend Katie. After a lunch of crab cake sandwiches and fries we walked around a bit and then headed home. Here is a shot of the beach as seen from the covered deck of the Blue Parrot. Also a snap of a Century Plant.

While we were sitting on the covered deck of the Blue Parrot restaurant Doug spotted a large pod of dolphins. Couldn't get a picture but there must have been three groups with seven dolphins in each. The were close to the shoreline, bobbing up and down. Shiny dark fins cutting across the was really cool.

The ride home was both fun and punishing. Doug ordered a new seat for his Sportster, one which will be more comfortable for long rides. It would be great to get a larger touring bike but that will have to wait until we can save a bit. In the meantime, it's been quite a bit of fun riding.

Tomorrow we are planning a short trip to Bristol or Chattahoochee and getting lunch.

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My Favorite Polyvore Pages said...

Been to the Blue Parrot many of times...Love St. George Island. The plant that you photographed is called Mother-in-law's tongue! Appropriately named, I think!

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