St George weekend

Surgery scheduled for next week. That isn't the best thing going on to be sure.

But last weekend was fabulous and that is what I am thinking about this week.
We wanted to ride the bike to St. George Island but the rain was coming down too hard and the road conditions would have been dangerous. So we took the truck and that was fine too. We didn't drive the entire weekend anyway.

The Buccaneer hotel is old but the room we had was great. Because of the view of the gulf and walking distance to the Blue Parrot and BJ's Pizza and Subs. We had planned to eat at Eddie Teach's raw bar but never made it over. Maybe in a few months. It was also walking distance.

The Parrot had some nice calamari and Dos Equis. The squid was mostly rings, sadly I didn't see a tenacle. The beers were served in frosty heavy beer mugs. This was enjoyable at 5:30ish, lounging at a high table, watching the waves crash onto shore. We saw another pod of dolphins too.....playing in the water about a quarter mile out from shore.

By dinner time ( 7:30) the mosquitoes were so bad that we had to move inside. Lounging at a high table munching calamari earlier in the evening wasn't bad as far as the bugs went. Must be the breeze didn't keep the bloodsuckers off the open deck by nightfall. For dinner we enjoyed Margaritas and grilled yellow fin tuna. Got two slices of Key Lime pie to go as we were so full and couldn't eat it immediately after dinner.

Skipped eating at Harry A's because of all the negative reviews given this year. I guess when we went a year ago and had good service it was run by different management. Or we were lucky. But seventeen horrible reviews within a six month period leading up to our visit was enough to keep us away. Seafood is expensive enough and we didn't feel like paying for abuse and/or crappy service.

BJ's Pizza is very good. I am not a big one for eating the crust but this pizza had very good crust. The smell of it cooking will drive you wild. We just took it back to the room and bought some Hawaiian beer (Kona) from Cast Away Liquors across from the hotel. We ate pizza and watched the world series. Go Phillies!!

Saw a few hilarious campaign signs on the island. "Vote Often for Crofton" was a funny one. How many votes do you get on the island anyway? And our favorite - Vote for Pinki Jackel. What a cool name. Pinki Jackel. Also saw many feral cats roaming about the restaurants and hotels. They don't like people much and I sure did try and entice them to come to me. No way.

Check out my new ink. The photo is a bit blurry......

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