The River Cantina

St Mark's trip on November 2nd

I've added some photos from a trip to St Marks we took on November 2 - I had meant to update between the nose surgeries but just got behind.
Here are a couple of nice shots of Doug, Tristan and I at a little restaurant called The River Cantina near the water. There are many places to eat down there and we plan to try one every other week if the weather, and money, cooperate!

The scenery painted on the side wall of the restaurant was interesting. Across from this place is another pub and cafe where they advertise crab and fish lunches. The weather was very nice for the ride to the coast. Early November and you can see we are still able to wear short sleeves.
There were quite a few motorcycles out that weekend. Great weather and a fun time. Now, only two weeks after that trip we are having temperatures in the low thirties at night. We went from running the air conditioner to running the heater in the same day.

Doug and Tristan's bikes to the right.

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