My lovely new scarf, pasta meal and shibas inus

My lovely new scarf - Cousin Char knitted this for me and I do appreciate it. The weirdness of the weather here has us using the heat for a week and kicking through frost in the mornings; this is followed up by weather such as we are enjoying now....75 degrees for a high (I think that is roughly 23 Celsius) and open windows at night.
But, when it has been cold this wonderful scarf has kept my neck warm when walking or riding on the back of Doug's bike.

Check out the detail and beauty of this scarf. Char is a knitting artist. (Please excuse messy table - dinner prep was starting when I opened the package last week.)

Fresh pasta last night - We had a homemade sauce that was easy to simmer up. A bit of olive oil in the frying pan, garlic, onions and green pepper; simmer low until veggies are soft. Add a can of tomato sauce, about a cup and half of chopped tomatoes or a can of diced tomatoes.
Add basil, oregano, a bay leaf and about a half cup of red wine. Simmer this down for a bit while you make salad or steam veggies or whatever. Coupled with fresh pasta and loaf of bread with butter....nice comfort food.

A couple of snaps of the shibas that I like.


Le laquet said...

Until the start of 2008 I would buy a jar of pasta sauce everytime I went to the supermarket ... not anymore, made from scratch everytime. So much nicer, fresher, more flavour. I always add grated carrots to mine though - right at the beginning with the garlic and onions.

Pierce said...

Thanks for the tip on adding grated carrots. Another way to ingest more veggies and tasty too!

I also kept jarred sauce on hand but now just one or two for our hurricane season supplies.

aridice said...

Hi Cuz!
That scarf sure does look nice!! I need to make one for myself now!!!

Here's the link to the Celtic Braid pattern. All I did was add a seed stitch border (start with 5 rows of seed stitch then 5 sts on each side of the pattern)
Thanks for braggin' on me!!! LOL


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