St Marks Florida on a beautiful December day

Merry Christmas!

Looks like a deal for the them- they'll cook and eat it!

Today was a very good day all the way around. The weather was nice - 65 degrees with a clear blue sky - we had a fun motorcycle ride to St Marks and ate at a seafood restaurant right on the water. There were all sorts of birds hanging around on the dock, huge pelicans, sea gulls and a very bold brown bird that I'm afraid I don't know the name of...but he would slip through the netting and come inside the restaurant and steal food. It was hilarious! I tried to get a good picture of him scrounging off the tables but it came out a bit dark.

Doug and I had a fried grouper basket with homemade slaw and french fries. It was quite relaxing to sit and watch boats go by, watch birds come and go, landing on the floating dock. The ride out to St Marks was only about 40 minutes and it went by fast. Wonderful day for a ride. It makes me want my own bike but I have to say, it's fun being towed and being that close.

When Tristan returns from bitter cold of Indiana I'm hoping we can all ride out there this weekend. Here are some good snaps of the area.

I love this bike!!

This dock floats and you won't believe how close I came to dumping the camera in the water.

It's a bit hard to see the thieving bird but he's on the table, as bold as you please, lifting some leftover French fries. Look just under the BL in the photo and you'll see the bird's silhouette.

Don't we make a nice couple? I wish we thought to ask someone to get our picture together.

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Anonymous said...

If you want someone to take a picture of you as a couple. Invite me to go along. LOL Jerry A

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