Whoa - it's January already!

Happy New Year and lets hope it turns out great. I have set some goals and am already on the road to to one of them, no wait, two of them. It was actually "positive collateral damage" from hanging around a busy hospital emergency room...but nonetheless.

The most important thing is that Doug is now out of the hospital and it doesn't look like a stroke at all. Something we feared very much. One of the technicians told him he had nice brain waves which was, I'm sure, a great thing to hear. He told the nurse/tech that the EEG would confirm to his wife that he is retarded, which I really don't think at all, nor did I express as much.

Nurse/tech said "You tell your wife I said you had pretty brain waves." Keeping good humor is one way of staying positive and that's really important. And we have always kept a good if not odd sense of humor over all the years we've been together. Odd by some standards...not mine. Haha

So right now, it's good to have things almost back to normal after three days at the hospital. The heart healthy diet wasn't terribly awful and we'll adopt some of the more healthier options in our diets.

Now, see the dinner we prepared last night which is good from the standpoint of roasted root vegetables and a little bit of red wine. The roast is a sirloin tip roast so not so much fat there. And just the way we like it....bleeding out. The veggies are really very good and I must give credit for getting the recipe from my in-laws. I'll post the recipe tomorrow. Please try it and I know it will become one of your favorites.

Since we had to return to work today I started making a huge batch of minestrone soup to haul along. When will I ever learn to read the recipe all the way through before I start chopping and cooking. Probably never learn.

Turns out it was meant for a crock pot so I improvised and tossed it in the crock and cooked at a warm setting instead of low - all night long. Turned out great and I'll get that recipe up as well. Oh, it's heart healthy too. Doesn't look it because it looks like fatty sausage but it's turkey sausage. It was surprisingly good - I never had much hope for really good taste from the turkey, in spite of me loving roasted turkey, but this was good sausage and all melded very well.

Ah, the positive collateral damage I mentioned earlier. Two things.
I am life long nail biter with only one, maybe two, time spans in my life where I had lovely nails to be proud of. Just can't help it - I'm a nibbler. Being in the emergency room cured me (so far) of sticking my fingers in my mouth. No sirree....I washed my hands like fiend and now I realized I have small nails growing out. So that's a good thing.
Secondly, I had already planned to lose ten pounds and hoped to take it to fifteen by late Spring. Evidently being worried, eating less, healthier when I did eat and then, getting a nasty common cold on the LAST DAY of the YEAR (damn!) took three pounds off. So, there you have it. Whilst being totally unaware of more finger nail and less weight (not much but still.........) there is the aforementioned positive collateral damage.

I only received three votes for my poll (the major project) and the recipe book won two to one. So there you have it.

Thanks for the good thoughts from everyone. Be back tomorrow.


Branch Ocampo said...

I like the new layout. I'm enjoying reading about your dinners - maybe one day you can motivate me to try to actually cook something that isn't from a box ;)

Le laquet said...

Fabulous news - good brainwaves are so important in a man!!

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