Celtic Woman Concert & a Pizza Stone

The Celtic Woman concert was wonderful. We had seats just 5 rows back from the stage. Perfect seating as you aren't first row craning your neck backwards to see the performers and just far enough to see their faces clearly.
If you click HERE you can see a bit of each performer.

Mairead Nesbit is a world class fiddle player and described as a demon with the fiddle and her dancing skills. I don't know how on earth she can twirl around in heels, skip across the stage and play the fiddle as one who is possessed. She is mesmerizing. If you have the oportunity to see her solo or to see a Celtic Woman performance. please go.

Sunday we bought a pizza stone. See here:

My SIL Barbara kindly sent me pizza dough recipes and I have been meaning to give them a go. Now that I have a stone, I am all up for it. So, this evening I'll be making vegetable soup, pizza dough (for tomorrow), roasted root veggies and Doug will grill a fat New York strip steak.

The soup is my mom's recipe and the one I used for the Cook the Books submission. If you want that one again click here.

Mondays are always hard enough and I think a thick, tender and bloody steak will make up for getting up so god awful early.


Wandering Coyote said...

Pizza stones are great!

Donna-FFW said...

I so want to buy one.. I have heard great things about them..

Le laquet said...

Life is too short and Mondays come aroung too often for anything other than thick, tender and bloody steak! Hope it was as dribble enducing as it sounded. I look forward to seeing the pizza stone offerings.

Joie de vivre said...

Wow! New Blog look, new pizza stone...you go girl! Can't wait to see some pizza recipes. :)

Pierce said...

WC - It's my first time. I am a pizza stone virgin!

Donna - It was very inexpensive. But you have to remember to heat the stone in the oven and not put it in a preheated oven. It will break.

Jo - The steak was so bloody you'd have thought we just ran a match flame under it. Too good!

Joie - Thanks! I wanted a new look. Any suggestions for my hair now? Something French, yes?

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