Lazy Chinese Stir Fry

We had a stir fry a few nights back that I wanted to post about as it’s a super quick and easy meal. This is some prepackaged help but, if you have the vegetables and want to chop, good on you. On Friday I had to tell you about this beer.

Perfect pairing with the stir fry. Mmm mmmmm. I pulled this old cookbook out that had not seen the light of day for well over a year:

Instead of buying the broccoli, snow peas and all of it separately I made it easy on myself by purchasing a large package of stir fry veggies all cut up. The package was only $3 and there was enough to make a stir fry twice. So…a bargain and a time saver.

In keeping with the spirit of the title of this post – Lazy Chinese stir fry – I used frozen eggrolls. Preheat the oven and get the rolls so they will be done same time as the rice.

Pulled out the rice cooker – what an amazing little machine. The rice comes out sticky clumpy as served in Chinese restaurants.

Before you start cooking measure out a ½ cup chicken broth, 1 tablespoon cornstarch and 2 tablespoons of soy sauce. Mix well.

Get out the wok, pour in a bit of sesame oil. Fry the veggies and toss in some water chestnuts. When they are done to your satisfaction, crunchy or soft, remove veggies and keep warm while you stir fry the shrimp. Naturally you can use chicken strips or beef…whatever you like. When the shrimp is pink, put the veggies back in the wok.

Pour in the chicken broth mixture and stir.

It was well timed with the rice cooker and the cooking time for the eggrolls. Everything was done at the same time.

And we’ve already talked about the Ommegang ale so I won’t go on about it.

Maybe one more photo.


Van said...

The rice steamer is a wonderful thing! Everyone should have one.

I like the addition of chicken broth to the mixture. In my next batch of Stir Fry I'll have to give that a try!

Donna-FFW said...

The word lazy does not come to mind when I see your blog..This looks wonderful, I love all the quick tips!

Le laquet said...

I have needed/wanted a rice steamer for years & years! I must call into the Chinese supermarket when I am next in Croydon ... I really MUST! Gorgeous looking stir-fry - a canny way to smuggle veggies into them eh?

Pierce said...

Van - I love the steamer but have to admit that I have not tried steaming veggies or anything. I want to use it more!

Thanks for stopping by!

Donna - Thank you Donna. Quick tips help when you have sooo much to do when you get home!

Jo - Doug ate vegetables! They are tasty all souped up like that.

Lord of Squirrel Head Manor said...

I was duped! ;-) Actually, the vegetables in this meal were quite tolerable.

Van said...

I was slow to adapt on using one myself, not sure why... but they are totally worth having.

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