Southern style bacon and eggs

Food in a moment. This is almost a cheat post on food but I am home and the satellite TV is rebooting over and over. The guys aren't home and I am certainly.....well, ....... let's say challenged by electronics. So, I will be calling Direct TV because I really want to record NCIS this evening.

The shibas, love them as I do, were particularly uncooperative for the afternoon walk. They like to stretch me in two directions and then dig their little heels in, becoming one with the earth. Walking the two together means I can not carry a water bottle and it's something like 150 degrees (so I exaggerate) in the sun. The mosquitoes are wicked because of all the rain we had and have welts on my arms.

And, I had misplaced my cousins email addresses, only to find them when I got to work(where I can not write them), and to top it off - I left my purse at home today. No license, no stamps, no cash...I was displeased.

Oh, woe is me! So, here are some nice photos of a fine breakfast meal we enjoyed when visiting family last week.

The eggs look great framed with bacon. I generally just put bacon on a separate plate but this looks so much nicer, don't you think so?

Nice table setting.

Orange juice, coffee, biscuits and jam. A great accompaniment to eggs and bacon.

I'll work on my high cholesterol later. Tomorrow - the Chicken Spectacular, cranberry gel salad and yummy cake.


Le laquet said...

Are they "biscuits"? That term always intrigues me especially as if they are biscuits, they look like scones! Looking forward to the cranberry gel salad.

Pierce said...

Jo, Ah, to you they are similar to scones...but bread like...Biscuit for you is a cookie, right?!

Wandering Coyote said...

Ooooh, that looks like one hell of a breakfast! And the biscuits look totally amazing!

I'm just getting back into the swing of things...Give me some time to catch up, eh? ;)

Donna-FFW said...

This looks absolutely terrific, from the eggs to the bacon to the biscuits, major deliciousness..

Le laquet said...

Yes, here biscuits = cookies. Bready scones - yum with breakfast!

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