Vacation - Part One

We started early on a clear and beautiful Friday morning. Gassed up the Sportster and headed west on I-10. It was a good ride and thankfully we stopped every 80 miles or so for gas. That gave us time to stretch. Just past Pensacola we were half way there.

It was fun riding through the tunnel in Mobile Alabama. The rumble of the Harley in there was loud and you had a good quarter mile to enjoy it. Riding over the bridges, way up high over the rivers was beautiful and it was also a bit cooler with the wind whipping around us. Lots of nice scenery and I did not fall asleep once on the ride out. Not once.

Now, by the time we had reached our destination in Mississippi, we were both ready to get off that bike for awhile.

Did I mention the Sporty is an '03 and is not rubber mounted? Fortunately I was not bow legged by the time we arrived....but close.

Staying with Ellen was a relaxing and fun experience. It was so much fun that instead of staying two nights and heading up the Natchez Trace, we stayed on for five days. We did ride to Natchez with cousins Lee Ellen and John and ate at the Pig Out Inn. To see reviews on Pig Out Inn click here. Great BBQ and nice atmosphere. We sat outside on a bricked porch and enjoyed the bustling about of people in Natchez. There were a few horse and carriage rides that went by - I always feel sorry for the horses, pulling all those people around in the heavy carriages.

After we left Pig Out, we rode two blocks and followed the Mississippi River a bit. Very pretty. Of course, I forgot the camera on that trip.

We did not end up riding the trace. Since we had not made any plans and no reservations, and we were going to just ride and stop when we wanted, it wasn't a big deal to alter plans.

Another eating trip out - We ate at May's Restaurant. Jimmy, the owner, came by the table and checked to see if we were all faring well. Goodness - the food was amazing. I have to say, that the fried chicken at May's Restaurant in Tylertown, Mississippi is the best fried chicken we have ever had.
I have not changed my opinion since being back and tasting fried chicken another small town........ Seriously, it's worth a trip there just to eat this chicken. I can't wait to go back.

Perfect fried chicken, potato salad, beets (I love beets), baked beans and corn nuggets. All homemade, all delicious.

Coconut cream pie. Very rich. I should have just split a piece with Doug.

One of the best, one of the most relaxing and enjoyable vacations in a long long time.

If you are interested, stay tuned for more...oh, and Ellen's Chicken Spectacular. She let me invade her kitchen.....what more could one ask for?


Le laquet said...

Hey you're back - sounds like you had a great time. Coconut cream pie - wow!!

Pierce said...

Hi Jo! It's been awhile since I had time to blog or get on the computer. The vacation was sooooo relaxing! I am about to check on everyone else's blog now.

Wandering Coyote said...

I'm glad you had such a great, relaxing time and that you weren't bow-legged upon arrival! That pie looks amazing!

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