Fish in a Packet

Here is a quick summer meal that is tasty and healthy. Yum.

Another quickie meal with healthy ingredients.

Tilapia filets were on sale at the local market so we purchased three.

They are generally inexpensive enough so we couldn't resist when they were sale priced. Plan to have one filet per person. You can use other fish for this such as cod or grouper...tilapia just happens to be abundant around here.

Place a piece of foil, large enough to wrap the fish tightly, on a baking pan. Spread a tiny bit of olive oil on the foil and place filet on top.

For our toppings we chose sliced red onion, sun dried tomatoes and thinly sliced lemon.

Put lemon on first and sprinkle with dill.

Now add the red onion slices and sun dried tomato.

Seal the packets.

After 20 minutes in a 400 degree oven the fish will be cooked. Open foil carefully so you do not burn your fingers!


While the fish was cooking these lovely tender asparagus were steaming above salted water. These stalks are particularly fresh and nice looking.

I wish I had colorful plates - it would look so much nicer. Have to work on that. What color would be a good one do you think....pale blue, green? Red would be too much I'll bet. Hmmmmm...


Le laquet said...

Asparagus - yum, fish - yum ... *dribble, dribble* what's not to like? Have you tried oven roasted baby asparagus? DIVINE!

p.s. So good to have you back!

Wandering Coyote said...

I used to cook fish in a packet all the time and it's just great - nice and moist and little clean-up. I LOVE asparagus!

girlichef said...

I love baking things in packets...this looks yummy. I actually like white plates...unless it's white food, I suppose ;)

Donna-FFW said...

What a perfect dinner. Healthy and so very easy to prepare. Love it. Tilapia is one of our favorites to cook.

Tina said...

Thanks Laquet - I am sporadic on the internet for now until we get a router. I didn't know I was addicted to posting!

WC, Donna and Girliechef - packets are definately great for easy cleanup. As for the white plates -'s the white type foods that need a contrast.

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