News on Aja, the travel trailer and a short trip

A few days ago I wrote about Aja's luxating patella and the need to get a thyroid test.

Here she is after a neck shave and a blood test. She was a trooper.

Just a quick shave, slurp out the blood sample and she was on her way within minutes. I was hoping for a report the next day (last Friday) but they did not have all the results in yet.

Last evening they called and here's the scoop.

According to our vet, her Thyroid is normal, and Free T-4 is low, so she is borderline on having a problem. Medication not recommended at this time, but she does need to get some exercise. Now that the weather is cooler, she's a lot happier to go outside. So, back to trying to get her to walk more, stay on her diet and see how it goes for the next few months.

The Luxating patella is a grade 2, so no surgery needed just yet. The vet stated if it progresses to her limping, holding her leg out to the side...then it's time to repair her knee.

Maybe more info than anyone needs...unless you have a breed of dog that is afflicted with luxating patella.

See her jiggle as she plays....

We have been fighting a cold here and that just completely drains you....Girlichef knows! You can't sleep well, tired all day....thankfully it has run it's least the yucky stuff.

Travel trailer, did we ever have fun with this box on wheels. Trips to Manatee Springs, Seminole State Park in Georgia, Torreya....lots of fun trips. But we just haven't been using it and decided to sell it.

Craig's List was definitely the way to go. It was sold in a day. Maybe that's an abnormally short time but I'm pleased to say it's off with a family that will use it well.

I almost lost Hextall as he was in and out of the trailer while the buyers looked around. The doors were actually shut and locked when we heard him meowing inside. Thankfully he was pulled out or he'd be in another state now!

Last but definitely not least...we have a nice ride planned to St George Island and hope to get in lots of relaxing, seafood and margaritas. Photos to come.......


Wandering Coyote said...

Oooh, BAD Hextall!

I'm glad the news is good for Aja; I'm so happy to hear that she needs neither meds nor surgery! Yay!

Janel said...

I'm glad nothing additional is needed for Aja right now.

Cooper wiggles around on his back like that at least a couple times a day. He usually tries to catch his tail!

Cathy said...

Yay Aja!!!! Glad she's better. Congrats on the trailer and have a margarita or 7 for me this weekend :)

Pierce said...

I was worried about him getting into the trailer or the buyer's truck. He's very nosy and a real people person. Loves to visit.

I'd probably be able to breathe better if he weren't around but....we've had him around 15 years.

Thanks everyone for the good wishes on Aja. Pets will have you worried....

Count on me for the margaritas :-)

Kim said...

I'll be wishing the best for Aja. Enjoy your ride to St. George. It's the best time of year for riding.

Pierce said...

Thanks Kim - we JUST got back about an hour ago. It was chilly for the ride though!

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