Destination: Cuthbert Georgia - Fun Ride!

My cousin Lee Ellen and hubby John would love this ride!

A beautiful day……gorgeous warm weather and blue skies, a smokin’ hot motorcycle and a long ride to Cuthbert Georgia .

I don’t think an hour and a half is too long a ride for a cuppa coffee, do you? We were rewarded with the discovery of a quaint local place called Girly Girlz.

This is a photo of their old venue just across the street. I forgot to take a snap of their new digs just yards from this place. I was so caught up in the town square and the laid back atmosphere.

The young women who own it make all the desserts, burgers and sandwiches. They also have the old building packed with antiques, homemade jewelry, lovely leather and fabric purses, glassware and University of Georgia fan trinkets.

I love the old wooden bar and brick walls.

This is a large cup of coffee but I can tell you, the small size I ordered was not much smaller than this vat of coffee!

In addition to the coffee, Doug had deep coffee mug filled with warm German chocolate upside down cake topped with ice cream. I had the “small” coffee and a piece of caramel cake.
It was too much cake. Between the caffeine and the sugar I felt as if I could run home. I cut a good sized wedge of the cake off for Tristan and packed it in the saddle bag. NOT a good idea………the saddle bag is over the pipes and by the time we stopped for gas in Bainbridge, the caramel had come out over the side of the Styrofoam container. I had to toss it.

There is a grassy courtyard in the town center; towering oaks shade the faded wooden park benches. There is also a very grand Confederate memorial in the center ….see below…..

From Cuthbert GA

I felt like we’d gone back in time…

Loud, shiny Rinehart pipes….the cake (which I had to toss out) was transported I the saddle bags above them.

Fun ride – total ride time was 3 hours round trip. About 122 miles. Not bad. The cake didn’t survive and I was a wee bit achy sitting in the saddle that long…but wow, it sure was fun!

Time to ride!


Kim said...

The diner you stopped at is full of character. I know I would love to go there. Isn't it so much fun to just get on a bike and ride? You never really know where you will end up. Looks like you found a great place to stop and enjoy yourselves. Great post Tina.

Cathy said...

Great ride Tina - love the pink truck. No riding here - 18 inches of snow fell overnight yesterday...friggin Canada.

Janel said...

I would definitely ride that far for a coffee shop like that! Looks like you had a wonderful day.

Carla and Michael said...

What a wonderful day the two of you must have had. I am so envious. Beautiful photos and I bet the scenery on the way was just as beautiful.

Joanne said...

I love your adventure for a cup of coffee...way more fun to experience life this way than to just go down the block to the local caffe!

Pierce said...

Thank you Kim...we are really enjoying this bike. And we always like finding little local places to grab a coffee,

Cathy - Oh no! 18 inches...this late in year, that sucks.

Janel - It was a blast!

Carla and Michael - The scenery made me think about Ireland. It was great :-)

Joanne - Thank you, we like to ride and eat!

Le laquet said...

Looks like a great place for coffee - 1 1/2 doesn't sound so bad, I remember driving 250 miles once for a roaast Sunday lunch ;o)

Pierce said...

Well now..I'd drive a long way to sit down with a good roast!

Le laquet said...

It was Mothering Sunday, the roast was phenomenal and she had no idea I was coming until I rang (on my mobile) from the front garden ... great day!

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